Fantasy Girl || Z.M.

Roseanne Haiston has always had a huge crush on mysterious, but attractive Zayn Malik. She's known as the "fat punk" at school, but Zayn wants to change that. What if Zayn shows her a secret? Would she still love him?



1. Chapter 1

Wednesday, August 19th, 2017

So.. It's my first day back. I know, I've gained a lot of weight over Summer, but people say "I was to thin" so I got a little bigger and now I'm "too big". What's everyone's deal, honestly.

Yes, I'm punk. Not emo, not goth, punk. Got it? I have a abusive, alcoholic, worthless excuse of a dad. He cheats on my mom, and she lovingly forgives him.

"He doesn't mean it, he's always drunk." My mom quietly says to me as I fume. Note, I was only 14. I'm 17 now.

"He obviously does. He'd stop if he cares for this family." I growl, crossing my arms over my shoulders, not even having the nerve to look at her right now. She tries to touch my arm but I jerk away from her, hurt filling her eyes.

"He does care. Either you respect him, or he'll do something he'll regret. That's final." I groan and go to my room, in tears, because my own mother won't even notice he's a piece of shit.

The next night she caught him, "confused and drunk", but he was with another woman. I'll never forget the words she said to me.

"You're father is worthless. Why doesn't your mom leave him already? He didn't even tell me he was married." She exhales, probably scared.

"I try to convince her, she's just gullible." I said to her as she mumbles, "good luck", before speeding off to, only god knows where.

Those 3 years were a living nightmare. And here I am, stuck in prison no matter where I go.


I sigh and close my journal, seeing we still had some time before class starts. I frowned as I see others talking to their friends, girlfriends and boyfriends as I sit alone... Again.

This happens every first day.. Being a little overweight sucks. But they wouldn't like me if I was paper thin. Why can't I make people happy?

My breath hitches in my throat as I see Zayn walk in. Zayn Malik, very mysterious, but attractive. He has glowing skin, lots and lots of tattoos, snake bites, and always wears black,

I guess you could qualify him as a "bad boy". I always sing a song in my head as he walks by me.

Be my bad boy, be my man...

He looks at me before smiling sweetly, showing his oddly pointy teeth,

Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend..

I huff as I feel cool air next to me. I look to see Zayn sitting next to me.. What the fuck?

"Ello love. I see you were lonely so.. I decided to keep you company." He says, me noticing his accent roll off his tongue like it was nothing. Hm..

I shake my head and clear my throat as he laughs. "Hi.. I'm-"

"Roseanne. The one and only." He finishes my sentence as I stare at him with wide eyes.

"How did you know?" My voice cracks as I chuckle nervously. He smirks, "I know everything, love." I look at the clock. 10 more minutes until class. Perfect. Can't waste this opportunity.

"Hey fatty!" A girl calls out to me and I just ignore her. I hear Zayn growl underneath his breath, before blowing cool air at my neck.

I whimper as he gasps and apologizes. It gave me shivers just knowing Zayn's here.

"I said-" Yank!

"That's enough!" Zayn growls furiously. She had ahold of my hair, me cringing my face.

"Why, Malik? After all, this was your idea."

"You whore! Don't believe her, Roseanne." Zayn shouts to me as I nod and continue to cry, not caring about my makeup.

She lets go and I hide my face. It's the first fucking day.. And I'm crying in front of Zayn.

He rubs my back, shushing me.

My stone heart was breaking, my love ran away.

This moment I knew I would be someone else,

My love turned around-

I looked back to see Zayn smiling at me, taking my hand and leading me somewhere.

- and I fell.

He turns to me, staring into my eyes. His eyes changed colors fast and I gasped, him shushing me.

"Roseanne... There's something you don't know about me." He speaks lowly and opens his mouth. His teeth grew longer. I gasped again, realizing what this means.

I have a crush on a vampire.

"Can you keep a secret?"


Heyy! Wowwe this is nice so far to me. Lol I'll update soon.

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