Danielle and Sebastian have a very close friendship. Of course like everyone else in the school, Sebastian is head over heals for her but the problem is Danny has a boyfriend, and not a very nice one. With a pinky promise that should never be broken only Seb knows Danny’s little secret about her abusive relationship she cannot seem to leave. All Seb can really do is stand by and watch Danny suffer, or will he take action and risk a friendship to save her from the violence. Will Danielle ever be free?


4. “You have to get over her sometime.”

A/N: I apologize for errors. I kinda just skimmed over it cause I am to antsie to post.

-  -  -  -  -


I tried to ignore the irritation I had over Danielle for not messaging me all weekend. It was a lonely bummer not having her around. Even my sister had zero knowledge of her whereabouts, and they were best friends. I was worried about her because the last I saw her was during lunch when she left with that asshole. I slammed a fist down on my computer desk in anger and irritation. I then ran my fingers through my hair, trying to actually calm down before I go punching walls I couldn’t really go punching. What in the hell was Danielle doing.


All the sudden my phone went off. The song “Follow You” by Au5 played through my phones tiny speaker. It was Danielle’s favourite song at the moment and she got me hooked on the whole chillstep she has been listening to. Danielle said this song meant so much to her and it reminded me of her. When she said that and then I listened to the lyrics it gave me chills.


I pressed the screen to answer. “Hello?”


“Hey man, we got a lot of shit we should be doing today.” I heard the joy in Jasper’s voice.


“What do you mean ‘we’? I have nothing to do.” I stated.


He laughed. “Little ol’ Iris is here to play. Since my parents won’t be home I was thinking maybe a party can bring her right at home.”


“Right at home in your bed.” I scoffed. “Don’t make her your play thing.”


He gasped, as if he was shocked about it. “You think I am like that! I am highly ashamed you think I would harm new Iris in anyway.”


“You wouldn’t do it because you think she is cool.” I commented.


He huffed. “You are right.”


I spun around in my gaming chair listening to his plans of attack on this party. He told me I was in charge of retrieving our darling Danielle from her vicious beast. But this was no love story, believe me, He was no prince in the end of it all. He wasn’t even sweet. Then I thought about how I wished a mob would run to his house with pitchforks and torches, trying desperately to knock down his door to try and kill him. But my dream was only that as Jasper tried to grab my attention again.


“So, are you in?” He asked anxiously.


I shrugged by realized he couldn’t see. My mind was a bit jumbled. I nodded then shook my head no to myself again, he couldn't see me. “Yeah man, I am.”


“Awesome, Iris and I will see you and Danielle-ie.” He said, hanging up the phone after.


“Yeah, Danielle and I.”


I grabbed my keys of the desk and stood. I looked through my closet to see anything suitable for a party. Like high schooler football captains, I too had a rep. Not that I cared much about stupid popularity and the sudden reputation I had as the captain of the soccer team (which was more important than Football at our odd school.) Jasper would chew me out of I didn’t look fit to the part, as well as the whole team. SO instead of my interest in sweatpants and a plain shirt I grabbed my red and black plaid button up and black skinny jeans.


I found my red beanie and threw it on, making sure you could see part of my hair in the front, so it didn’t look like I was going with a shaved head. I laughed at the sudden thought of boldness. Never would I dare cut my luscious locks. Jasper says he knows several girls that want to run their slutty little fingers through. (his words exactly.)


I walk out of my room to slip on my converse before calling Danielle so I can pick her up, but I run into a little munchkin instead. “Hey squirt.” I said to Jessie.


“Where are you going?” She asked. She seemed more angry than anything.


“Jaspers.” Well it wasn’t a complete lie. Once I picked up Danielle then that is where I would be.


“hmm.” She raised an eyebrow. “Better not be going to see Danielle.”


“Nope, Jasper’s with Iris.”


“Oh that new girl!” Her face lit up. “She is so popular.


I rolled my eyes. “Yeah yeah whatever. Anyway, I got to go before Jasper chews my head off.”


Her eyes sparkled as if the mention of Jasper sparked a little fire inside her. This wasn’t the first time I said his name though, so I don't know why she was all love struck now. I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. I watched as her head flopped around back and forth like a baby doll’s.  


“Sebastian!” She screamed. “If you don’t unhand me-”


I finally let her go before I could hear one of her basic threats to end my existence. I patted her on the head and walked around her small figure. Making my way to the front of the door to get into my car so I could call Danielle.


The phone rang but no answer. I tried a second time but then it went straight to voicemail. I tried for a third time and yet again it went straight to voicemail. I huffed and started my car, that Dylan kid was going to get a black eye if he hurts her again.


* * *


“Where is Danielle?” Iris asked when I practically busted down the door to Jasper’s room. They were sitting on his floor playing what looked to be Sonic the Hedgehog.


I shrugged. “Wouldn’t answer her calls.”


“So you didn’t go bust down her door?!” Jasper asked angrily, mostly because Iris was kicking his ass in one v. one.


I rolled my eyes even though they weren’t facing me. I flopped down on Jasper’s bed with my hands tucked under my head. “So where’s the party?” I chuckled.


“It’s still five.” Jasper scoffed. “No one comes to a party at five. Plus that is why I wanted you to get danielle-ie. Extra set of hands to help set up.”


“So I am guessing we have to start now since we lost two arms and legs in the party project of yours?”


I heard the fighting on the game come to a stop and I knew right then one of them paused it. I turned my head away from the ceiling to look at them. Iris’ eyes were on mine but Jasper’s were shooting bullets at Iris’ head. I mentally chuckled because I knew Iris was the one pausing the game.


“Let’s go make this party a success.” Iris smiled.


Jasper sluggishly makes it to the dining room to show us what he has planned. I expected nothing really to be there but Jasper doesn’t disappoint when he throws a party. there was beer and alcohol sitting on the table along with a list of other things needed and a list of things he had already just in case we couldn’t already see it on the table in front of us. On the chairs there was plastic wrap.


“What is with the plastic?” Iris asked.


“These kids are animals and its a tough job cleaning up. I learned from the first party i ever had that having his over cushion always was a handy tool.” He winked at her. “I also put all breakable items in this box.” He patted the big empty cardboard on the other chair next to him.


“You don’t mess around.” She laughed.


I chuckled “Oh no, he doesn’t.”


Next thing you know Jasper put us at work. I was in charge of last minute calls. Calling everyone in our contacts and putting all the alcohol in the fridge. I went to calling, making sure Mason, one of our closest trusted friends, to keep tabs on the drinks. Every party Jasper had, Mason had to make sure drinks came to the person drinking them so no one was drugged. Let’s just say it was a task Mason was rather good at.


Next thing you know I was calling for last minute invites, Mason was organizing and getting friends to bring more alcohol, Iris was busy wrapping the furniture, and Jasper was doing absolutely nothing. That shit head couldn’t throw a party without us so I don’t know why they call it his party, he just gave us the house and the weak plans.


I rolled my eyes as I dialed danielle’s number one more time. With no answer I shrug it off and let it go. If she wanted to talk she would talk. With finished duties I decided to sit on the now plastic covered couch. Iris was also resting herself from all the plastic she had to wrap.


“Sorry.” I apologized.


“Sorry for what?” She asked.


I examined her facial expressions, but I couldn’t get past her natural beauty. “Him making you work. You were just an excuse to throw a party.”


“You need an excuse?” She laughed. Her laugh was unique and I loved it.


I shrugged. “Maybe he does.”


All of the sudden I heard a loud clap. “Okay ladies and gentlemen! It is time!”


“It’s eight o'clock.” Mason informed Jasper, bored.


“Oh.” Jasper paused. “never mind.”


As we let time pass finally everyone began to arrive. I lost Iris in the crowd of people. I assumed she went to go change. I took a bottle of water from the large cooler and sat on one of the kitchen bar stools talking to mason.


“So that Iris girl.” Mason began. “I say you eye-ballin’ her.”


I shrugged. “So what if I was.” I knew where he was going with this. and I didn’t want to have this conversation with him.


“Oh come on captain.” He leaned over the counter as he scanned the already crowded living room area. “You have to get over her sometime.” I knew who he was talking about. Was it that obvious that I was in love with Danielle. I thought I kept that locked away only for my knowledge, but I was wrong. You couldn’t stand five feet from Mason without him knowing everything there is to know about you. That is why he was so good with girls. “Speaking of the devil.” He cleared his throat.

I looked around questionably and there standing awkwardly off to the side was Danielle and that peice of shit holding her wrist like he owned her. I could feel my temperature rising but Iris stood in the way of my view and I couldn’t help but look her up and down. She was wearing a tight black dress that flared out just a bit being at her waist. She looked stunning and for a moment it took my mind off of Dylan and Danielle.


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