Movella Reviews

Hiya! I'll be doing some movella reviews because I know lots of people want reviews but everyone has so many reviews to do still!
I need new movellas to read anyway :D
Anyway, Details in the first chapter.


2. Sacrilegious- salamasunny


Cover- I just love it. It really gives it the same mood that the story generates, and it (for some unknown reason) makes me very happy on how the Cover and story itself get along. 


Blurb- I can't think of any other way to do it, honestly. c:



Intro- the into is ah-mazing. It really gets me into high-gear reading mode when something happens in the beginning, and in my opinion, its very well executed and hooks in the reader. (Although a little gross, I have to admit. But I know I have been caught doing stuff like that too)

Plot- Never have I EVER read something like this. I love how original it is, and its just really cool. I have no idea where you came up with such a great idea, but it makes me want to hire you for movella ideas. I'm really impressed.


spelling/grammar- I have nothing to say, other than I wish I had your vocabulary. so I'm going to turn this into a part of content. You use really good words, but not too many, and not too little. You have the perfect amount of description too. Just enough to make the story come alive. I love it!


Font- okay this might sound crazy, but the font is important. And you know what? you chose one that fits nicely. its perfect for the mood. I mean, if you had wrote it like this, the moods would totally clash.


Okay, last one. This is a bonus mark for when I can't find anything wrong with your story.




Seriously, I can't believe how good of an author you are, its amazing. I searched hard (i know it didn't take me long to type this all up but i'm a very fast reader) to find mistakes, and couldn't find any. 

I hope to see your novels on store shelves some day, because if I don't I'll be disappointed.




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