Movella Reviews

Hiya! I'll be doing some movella reviews because I know lots of people want reviews but everyone has so many reviews to do still!
I need new movellas to read anyway :D
Anyway, Details in the first chapter.


1. Info

Okay Ya'll

So here's all you need to know.:

1) No fanfics please (I've already read alot and I like them, but I want to give other people a chance.) c:

2) Don't be mean! I'm a person, and I don't have a life. But I do have to do thinbgs sometimes, so please don't nag at me and stuff

3) I go first come, first serve

4) I wont be saying "THIS MOVELLA SUCKS OMF GET IT AWAY", but I won't be sugar coating anything. This is my honest opinion, and constructive criticism. Please know that I don't mean to offend you in any way. And also please don't be offended. And if you are, I'm sorry.

5) no R-Rated movellas, please. I don't want to read them, okay?

6) Don't request more than one movella at once, unless I don't have any more movellas to review. 

7) I will be looking at the following:

Cover (if you have one) because lets be honest, if it has a cool cover we all want to read it.

Blurb (Its nice if your blurb nicely fits the story)

Actual content (Intro, plot, etc) but be warned, if it's really long I'll only read about 5 chapters


Um.....other stuff idk but in total it'll be out of 10. c:

So yeah. Just put a link down below and I'll get to it!

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