She Leaves Me Breathless

Bella was not a fan of One Direction at all, but when her lovestuck little sister
instists she comes to a fan meet and greet on her birthday, she just can't
say no. Now, the boys are madly in love with her except for Zayn who seems to be hiding something.

Will the boys change her mind about them?


1. Prologue


Bellas p.o.v

I know what your thinking, "Woah, she doesn't like 1D?"

"What's her deal?"

"But have you seen them?"

"They're so cute!" ~squeal~

I get this all the time (mostly from my sister: Aisha. She's obsessed with them.)

I don't get why they're so popular, honestly.

Everyone asks if I at least listen to them, and the answer is I listen to anything I like.

I usually stumble upon my favourite songs which are super old or really unpopular

or that's what people say when I mention any of them, I seriously don't ever search up anything

about them. Like this one song Remember When by.... I really don't know I'll have to look it up.

Ahh, I remember now it was Chris Wallace.

Anyways, all was about to change on that one faithful day...


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