"I can't live like this anymore you have to tell me"

"Don't you think that I would if I could"

"No Harry I'm leaving,Let me go"

"I have my reasons"

"Everybody has their reasons,What makes you think that you are different?"


2. Men Cologne



    I sighed as I stared at the meaningless and curious crowd right in front me.These people had no clue about what was going on.They probably heard the police car sirens and rushed into the neighbors garden.Thank god there were police fences so these curious strangers couldn’t run into the crime scene.


   I quickly walked trough the crowd.They were all looking in a weird way to me.Or it just seemed like that to me at the moment.Since it was my first day as photographer I was really excited but still anxious about what I was about to see.I gulped and quickly went trough the fences.Before the officer could say anything I showed him my ID.He just nodded and let me in.


  I took a look to the outside view of the house which looked creepy in every way.It was colored in a smoky tone of balck,some of the bricks were missing and at some parts of the walls there were white scratches .All of the curtains were ripped and grey.They were probably white before.Garden were all out of care.It looked like the owner didn’t cut the grass for at least a month.Every plant in the garden looked dead.


   After I got in first thing I realized was the smell.It smelled like an overdose man cologne.I sneezed a little and walked next to cropse.Poor lady was stabbed 7 times and her head was bashed in to the wall.Basically blood was everywhere.I quickly took some photos and literally ran out of the house.I didn’t know who could bear doing this.I mean this was just vicious.’Poor women’ I thought again.


   I rushed to the officer.I needed to ask about this murder or I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.Officer was a black man-not in a racist- who was really tall well-built.


“Hey,Can I ask you some questions?”I asked quickly.


“Yea sure”He said not minding.I was surprised at his reaction most of the officers would just kick me out of the crime scene since I’m not a journalist.yet.


"Do you have an idea about who did this?"


“Hunter James did this probably,he ran away from jail last week.”


“Do you know what he looks like?”


“No,He got beaten up badly before we got him in jail"


“Okay thank you officer”I thanked him quietly and ran out of the crime scene.


   I walked thoughtfully to my house.I hated my neighborhood.It was really out of care.One of those streets that your mom asks you to stay away from.Well I kinda ended up living in one of those.


“Lookin hot today honey”perv of the neighborhood said behind me.


“Fuck off Jamison”I said as I tried to get in to my flat.-Key word:TRIED-But he grabbed me by waist and pinned me to the sticky wall.-I still don’t want to know why it was sticky-


“Cmon babe I feel lucky today”I could smell the alcohol in his breathe.


“But I don’t”I said as I tried to push him away.But he held my ankles in his one hand.


“Didn’t you hear the lady?”Someone said behind him.Because of the dark I coulnt see his face at first but his curly hair was really obvious.He pulled Jamison away from me.


“Hey dude not cool”Jamison said seriously but he was still drunk that why he slurred every word.Boy didn’t say anything and directly bended Jamison’s arm backwards causing him to wince in pain.


“Apologize to her”he said in a deep tone.


“I’m sorry Cassidy”He said wrinkling his face.Boy let him go.I watched him run away as I was thanking to the guy but he was no where to be seen.I looked around for him but no.He was gone.I quickly walked in to my flat and literally flew to bed.It was a long day.I layed on bed but when  I was about to throw my jeans away,my phone rang.I moaned in disappointment and got up to answer my phone.My mom was calling.


“ahhh not important”I said to myself and turned my phone off.I yawned and walked back to bed trying to not step on my sleeping dog.I took my clothes off and layed on bed.I fell asleep directly




   “No you wont dare to d-d-do that”I said shuttering with fear.I looked up at him.I couldn’t see his face or anything just a shadow which made me creep out more.


“ooooh you think so”he said laughing deeply.He was amused by my actions.


“please let me go”I said cry and begging.My make up was probably ruined by all of the crying.I didn’t know why but I was scared from him.His tall figure came closer as I stepped back.


“Cmon hun we’re going to have a lot of fun”I could imagine him smirking under all of the darkness.




I woke up sweating like hell.A fucking nightmare again.It was 3rd in a row.I sighed and took a look at my alarm clock.It was ringin like hell.




“Shit”I murmered to myself and rushed to bathroom.My room was all messy.Sweatshirts on my make up desk,underwears and jeans all over my floor.For a moment I coudnt even find my dog Jazz.


I quickly brushed my hair cause no time for shower,apllied my make up on,wore whatever I found –which is a jean and a pink t-shirt-,put on some parfume,wore my shoes and my coat,grabbed my winter coat and beanie then rushed out of the flat yelling:



I basically ran to school.I didn’t know that if I should be thankfull or creeped out the way my trashy neighborhood is only a street away.When I walked in school Aiden basically dragged me and ran next to Wendy.


Aiden and I were best friends since forever.He was this funny kid with great stories and I was that invisible girl.If you’re thinking if we dated or nah that’s a nah.Aiden is great but he is totally gay.But physically he is a mid-built tall guy with black hair and brown eyes.-If any gays reading this he is totally single;)-


And about Wendy.Wendy and I were close friends since 6th grade.She is super cool and to be honest if I had Aiden as a only friend I would go insane.Pffft please girls rock,not %75 girls.-little joke here;)I know I’m not funny….I’ll just shut up….keep reading past tense me….I’m not here-


“Where were you?!”Wendy asked freaked out.


“I just woke up late,why you make it a big deal out of it?”I said.


“Didn’t you hear?Hunter James ran away”Aiden said quickly.


“Wait how can you know that?”


“Well duh,Twitter”Wendy said showing her phone right in front of my eyes.I laughed at her ‘white gurl act.-she is white-


“If you didn’t learn it from twitter how did you learn about Hunter?”Aiden cut in between my laugh.


“I was at the crime the scene”I said huffing a little as I unlocked my locker.




“hello photographer here”


“oh right”


“Well I’m late for class”aiden said and he quickly ran to his class.


“Why you work as a photographer even though you read journalism”


“We talked about this before.I want to see the crimes,I want to see whats ahead of me…Well I’m late for class too,see ya later”I said as I ran in to my classroom.As usual class smelt like chalk and it was filled with 18 year old sluts or feature neighborhood pervs.I took my place in the 2nd row and waited till the bell rang.


Mr.Cox rushed in to the classroom with papers tucked under his armpit.Classroom was quickly filled with the other ‘teenagers’.I was the youngest of my class that why I never talked to someone from it.I sighed and put my backpack on the empty seat next to me and unzipped my bag fastly.I needed that article I was working on since like next week.But it was no where to be seen.


“Shit”I murmered.


“looking for this?”someone said right in front of me holding my artickle.I quickly looked up to see who it was.




Hey guys!!I hope you liked the first chapter!Im sorry if I got some crime scene stuff wrong 😫 since I'm not a photographer or journalist.But I tried my best!I re-wrote this chapter a lot but I hope you liked it still!!
Comment what you think bellow!!


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