The Girl in Wall (Prison)

Anastassia Rose is the daughter of Xavier Rose A powerful man and friend of the king. However when her father messes up the king orders for him to repay his mistake. With no other hope her father sends her to the king. Now to repay her dept she must spend 5 years in a prison meant for men. Females are usually sent to be servants when they do wrong, but Anastassia's father preferred her in prison.


1. My Fathers Mistake

"Anastassia?" My father yells up to me. "Yes Sir?" I say walking out of my bedroom and into his office. He looks at me with pity. "I'm sorry Ana." He pauses and turns back around. "Pack your bags."

My eyes start water, I can't go to prison for his mistake! I force my self to mutter back. "Yes Sir."

I at least get 3 suit cases and my own cell room. In the first bag i pack clothes. Crop tops, skirts, jeans, shorts, work out clothes (yoga pants and sweats and stuff), sun hats and make up, I also pack shoes.

My dad can send me stuff every week if i forget stuff.

In the next bag I put stuff i will need. Tooth brush and tooth paste, toilet covers, mini mirrors, bed sheets, nail polish, hair brushes, blow dryers, straighteners and curlers, and hair ties and bobby pins, and stuff to do.

The last one was paint, pad to put on my bed, posters, candles, and a rug.

Once i got everything ready I got in the car without a goodbye and drove off to the prison where i would get my bags through security and then spend my first night there.

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