i'll never let go

Angela,Ava ,her old bully and the guys and one more special person are going to pass this summer ,fall,winter and tour in a flash back.she's going to
Tell and remember everything she did or went by We'll not always but why. will Angela ever forgive the special person will she or will she not . Will she make friends? read to find out.

This is the sequel for don't let me go you will understand some of this if you read that one first
So bye


3. ch.2 Austin ,tx

Chapter 2 Austin ,tx











"Angela omg your back!"

"Hay Ava "

"How have you been I've missed you "

You have ha she thinks I have forgot all she did to me no I have not forgot but she's the only person I know so I will just go along with her

"I've missed you to so how has school been"

"It's been okay"

"Soo anything new"

"No I'm still the loner of the school "

"Aww Angela you should come back "

"I might but I'm thinking of moving to London"

"Wow so far away"

" yeah"

" did you know that's were one direction lives there British . Omg there so hot. Especially the blond one his name is Niall so sexy and zayn but he is getting married ." If she only knew that that blond is with me the girl she turn her back on her .

"Yeah I know but I want to go for collage"

" so collage . What do you want to study?"

"Medical ,doctor ,and nurses I want that ."

"Wow I want to get in modeling and acting"

"Wow, I didn't think you would want that"

"Yeah I know its strange "

"We'll I don't want to be mean but I have to get going I need a place for to day so of to a hotel"

"Okay Angela love and come to my house we'll you know your old house my parents bought it for me after you moved "

"Okay I will "

I started to walk a way how could she she actual living in my house I wanted to buy it and move back but noo she lives in it .

Want can go wrong this time now .

As I started to go to the hotel to see if I could stay I saw my old bullies there was Luis not Louis but Luis he was my old bully he saw me and smiled he ran up to me I was scared as fuck he could hit me again like the old times

"Angela , is that you?"

" yeah it's me " I said looking down the next thing that he did was get my chin to make me look up .he looked hurt but why his eyes showed regret but. Why ?

"Angel you have glasses now "

"Yeah I'm a little bit blind from one eye . Jajaj "

"We'll you look so pretty "

"You think so ?i thought I was the ugliest , that I was worthless "

"Angela I'm sorry for the years well since the eight ,but that was the only way I could hid my love to you I'm sorry"

Did he just. Say he loves me . Omg this is crazy .actually I'm going to tell you something I use to like him but not no more . But hitting me an all the shit to just hid his love wow he is just messed up

" it's okay learned to for get okay"and I gave him a hug which he hugged back

"I'm sorry"

"It's okay I forgive you"

"S-so why are you here I thought you moved"

"Yeah Isis but to a worst place than here"

"How come ,you can tell me okay "

"I get bullied more than I did here with you "


"Yeah , they hit me call me names ,and lots more "

"Angela,I'm sorry "'

" yeah if you don't mind can we change the talk I don't feel to good about this "

"Yeah let's ,so why did you come ?"

" wanted to visit this place "

" so where are you going to stay "

"In a Hotel that's were I was going "

"You could stay with me at my parents house "

" I don't know I'm going to leave tomorrow in the afternoon "

" I won't leave you until I you say yes "

"Okay I will "

I hope Niall won't get mad I just can't afford to get hit by someone right know


We are ready to get on stage Niall

Okay I'm going

We got out we had fun and but gels has not text none of us. When we started to sing little things it always reminds me of her I just want to be with her

I we'll it's been good I haven't got a big deal of being seen with her we didn't get caught at the airport for the kiss it's steal nice and cool but sooner or later I need to tell ,but not yet . We started to say are thank you s and good byes to the fans and back to backstage. We got to the hotel were we were staying and I send a text to gels I can't think right now

N: gels how are you babe

A: I'm good I'm just at Austin and you

N: in Malian .and why Austin that's far from where you live love

A: well that's were I use to live at before I went to Austin

N:oh that makes since so I have to say bye love you Kiss kiss xxxxxooox

A: okay sweet dreams but I wish you were here oh and tell zayn I need to talk to him okay xoxoxo xx and tell the boys I love them to take care okay and hugs for them but not kisses for the tho

N:ha okay bye xxx

We'll I think nialler is talking with gels right nialler

Yeah zayn and she's wants you to text her

For what mate

She didn't say 




















A:wellthesearetwoof the chapters I hope you have enjoyedthem and go..

Z:WAITbeforeAngelaoranyonesaysgoodbyeuh eh. I wanttosaythat the authorwilltrytoupdateFridayorSaturdayoneofthosetwodaysIt'smight not be alwaysbutshewilltryOkaygo on. Mmmh .i said you can go on

A: oh I'm well

N: thank you for the readsfrom the lastbooktothisonethatareto come

H; justlethersaywhatshewantstosay



L: hi I justwanttosaybye


Jaze; byeguyssorryaboutthemjustgotoutofhandNiallzayn come on noo not thatnoodamnitwhymyuhwhy .

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