i'll never let go

Angela,Ava ,her old bully and the guys and one more special person are going to pass this summer ,fall,winter and tour in a flash back.she's going to
Tell and remember everything she did or went by We'll not always but why. will Angela ever forgive the special person will she or will she not . Will she make friends? read to find out.

This is the sequel for don't let me go you will understand some of this if you read that one first
So bye


2. ch.1 AVA

Chapter one Ava 


when the boys left it was back to the bulling.we had another week off, i decided to go back to to my old city were i first was.i miss my parents,my old life .when i got there i went to the graveyard to visit my mum and dad why do they have to be so far away we lived in austin and now i live on Arlington its a long way but when i got finished with mum , i went to the park and started to remember the good times i had but when i sat down there she was ava i started to remember everything 
*Back at home *

"Ava come on let's go play" 
No Angela I want to stay here in our room 
"Why but I want to go play" 
"Okay Ava I don't want to be your friend "
"But why don't you want to play"
Why can't you shut your stupid mouth .i can't hear myself think "I'm sorry"
That was the first time Angela felt worthless she was Angela's friend but soon came to be her bully .her patents didn't know she was like that .Angela had Been living this hell since they started the 8th grade she had her mind to bully Angela once she found out her other friends left she was the unpopular girl but to her it didn't matter because what mattered to Angela was that her "best friend" was always with her she thought every thing was okay until that same year she had a fight with her 
"Ava why don't you talk to me?" 
Because I have my reasons 
"And why reasons are they for you to not talk to me "
Because you worthless , you stupid, sick ,ugly fat ,your priceless you dont deserve to live you should've died . I have never liked you .I never wanted to be your friend you don't need to talk to me ever again if you do you will see the consequence okay.
"But why are you like this to me ava your my only friend "
Well not any more haha 
Bye I hope you die i never wanted you to be alive stupid girl 
But why would your best friend turn your back on you well that's a question she asked herself why would she she had the reasons but what are those reasons but she will find out tomorrow
*the next day *
Angela got her things ready to go to school she was going to find out why was she done this to her why did she say all those things . Angela was going straight to Ava not even thinking twice of what Ava said yesterday
"Ava why the hell did you say that I have not said or done anything to you "
Will your wrong just leave before I 
"Before what Ava before what" 
Before this 
She punched Angela. Angela fail back she wasn't ready for the hit . Ava punched and kicked angela even her friends joined in but what has she done nothing . She didn't do anything. Everyone turn her back on her and she didn't know why ..
Yes that's Ava she had Angela start her self harm .her throwing up her food at times but no one knew about it.Ava is Angela's demons she's the one that started all of her dark days . Angela dosent call her demons demons she calls them Ava because she's the reason why there there Ava is the main reason that's why she calls them by her name 
*end of flashback*

Angela omg your back!

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