the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


1. After the birth

Megan and Harry were so happy to have Charlotte and Harry Jr they was so happy to have a life like that! It was so good to be part of royalty Megan said to numerous interviews with the paparazzi! Harry had been having time off work to help with Charlotte and Harry Jr because they both were little troubles. Harry Jr loved to kick his legs at people and Charlotte loved dressing up. 

Who could mess up their lives when everyone were happy. Obviously not Megan's body, because it started to change! She kept on collapsing and being rushed into hospital, the doctors didn't know what was wrong with her. Until some disappointing results came through she had lung cancer which may kill her. 


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