Daydreamer Love

Annabith had a horrible childhood. She was adopted. She lives in a small town with lots of French people. She's always daydreaming. She meets a boy named Cory. And she falls in love. She daydreams about him all the time. Even when she's with him.


5. Chapter 5.

Lauren was my best friend from Texas. The one who knew I was adopted.

She knew everything. About my daydream and abuse. The only thing she doesn't know is, how bad it was.

I walk in the office. And Lauren turns around and gasps.

"Annabith," she mouths.

I run up and hug her. "Lauren!"

"Omg I haven't seen you in like forever."
"I know! Cory came here two weeks ago. And I didn't even know he went to our school until this morning."
"Oh wow! We have so much to catch up on."

"Do you two know each other?" Darcy the school secretary asks.

"Umm yeah. When I went to school in Texas she was my best friend." I explain to Darcy.

She nods, "And what did you need here?"
"Late pass."

She laughs, "No you don't. Cause you have to show Lauren around the school."

"Fabulous." Lauren says. God Darcy is so awesome. She's always been my favorite.



"I can't believe your here," I say to Lauren.

"I know when my told me we were moving to a french part of Louisiana. I thought I might see you. And I did."
We spend the rest of the time talking about the teachers. And the secrets and the rules of the school.

"So who are the like head popular girls?" Lauren asks after I show her the gym.

"Well there's only four of them. Ava, the fashion queen/leader. Jessica, sporty and she never wears a lot of cute clothes. Abby, the follower she always follows around Ava. Last but not least, Saige. She's kinda fat and I call her the whale sometimes."
Lauren laughs, "Great. And your friends?"
I look at my feet and sigh, "You and Cory."

"Oh come on you have to have more friends."
I look up at her and shake my head. I bell rings signalling second period. 

"Well we should get to class, who do you have for second period?" I ask.

"American history."

"Cool same here."
We walk to class together. 

"Oh look you finally found a friend," Catherine says laughing.

"Shutup," I grumble.

"Who was that?" asks Lauren.

"Catherine, I kept trying to be her friend. But she denied it."
Lauren nods and walks up to Catherine. Shit this can't be good.

"Hey, you don't have to be such an asshole. The only reason she was lonely was cause you were and jerk," Lauren says to her.

"Oh and who are you, new kid," Catherine says trying to be mean.
"Lauren. Lauren Evans."

"Watch it Evans," Catherine says and walks away.

"Why would you even want to be friends with her?" Lauren asks.

"The day I moved here her one and only friend was in Florida. I didn't know."
She nods and we walk back into class.

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