Daydreamer Love

Annabith had a horrible childhood. She was adopted. She lives in a small town with lots of French people. She's always daydreaming. She meets a boy named Cory. And she falls in love. She daydreams about him all the time. Even when she's with him.


2. Chapter 2.

"Hey Catherine," I say as I approach her trying what Cory said. She smiles and waves. "Wanna hangout today. Or something. With Aimee gone you'll be alone."

"It's fine, I can handle two weeks. Marine, Sadie, Renee, and Izzy told me I could hangout with them. And besides I don't wanna hangout with a loner loser like you," she says snotty and walks away. Great. I tried making friends and that happens. I would talk to Cory but I'm still kind of mad at him. From wanting to talk to me about my childhood.

I just put my headphones in, turn on my music, and walk away. I just in the hall by my locker listening to music. The song Cool Kids, comes on Pandora. It describes my life at this school. I skip this song, it depresses me. And besides, it annoys me. Then Fancy comes on, better. I just let the music swallow me. I don't care if I'm missing class. I just sit there surrendering myself to music, and daydream. My dream is about me floating up to clouds. When I get there I see a shadow, a tall muscular body of a guy. It's Cory. He walks up to me.

"Hello, Anna," he says as he hugs me and lifts me up.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"A dream," he says with a smirk. We walk and see a shelter, There are people in the shelter, there having like a picnic. I see Catherine, Aimee, Marine, Sadie, Renee, Izzy, Abby, Kylie, and Lauren. Lauren was my best friend from Texas. I can't believe she's here! I'm also happy Abby and Kylie are here. There are guys here, who Cory walk to. I've never seen them before.  I walk to the girls, ready to give Lauren a hug. But something cuts me off.

Everyone laughs, including Cory and Lauren. I hit the glass. Nothing happens. "Hey what's going on!!!" I shout furiously. They all laugh. Lauren walks up to Cory, and kisses him. I'm mad. Even though I'm not dating him, I still like him. I punch glass super hard. I notice a little crack. There still kissing. I hit it again, and again. I kick it with all my might. And it shatters into a million pieces. I stumble back but catch my balance so I don't fall. They stopped kiss by now. I look down at my hands, my knuckles, are bleeding a little. I run up to Lauren, "I haven't seen you forever, and this is what happens! Great, my only friend turned on me. Or are you not my friend?' I say to her.

"We were never friends," she says and she punches me in the nose. I punch her back, in the jaw. Hard. She screams, and kicks. I dodge it. I kick and she falls, I pin her down with my foot.

"We were best friends. You said it your self!" I yell at her. I'm angry. Furious.

"Annabith, you're in a dream," she says. I am I really? I realize I'm daydreaming. I remember that I'm actually in the hall listening to Pandora, and missing class. I close my eyes, and I wake up in the hall. Everyone staring at me. I remember sometimes I talk and do actions. I feel embarrassed.

I realize I'm standing in the position I was when I pinned down, Lauren. I see Cory running towards me.

"Omg what happened Abbabith?" Cory asks as he reaches me.

"I guess I fell asleep," I tell him. I don't really sleep when I daydream, I have my eyes open I look awake. But you can't really wake me from my dream. I just stand there awkward, or doing the actions, and saying words.

"I don't think so. Your eyes were open. And you were like fighting and screaming at someone."
"I must have been daydreaming, I do that a lot." He nods, and walks me class.


Still sorry for the short chapter. Still having writer's block. But I have some great idea's for the next chapter. 


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