Cant Ever Forget

Never in my life did I think that this would happen. He came and stole my heart. Forever. I may not say it at first, but this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me... Hope you enjoy my Fanfiction about the vamps!!!


2. Tristan's POV

Chapter 2: Tristan's POV

I was waiting eagerly home for Jamie and Delilah because for the first time, the lads from the vamps are coming to stay over at our house.

I didn't know how either one of them was gonna react to I was very scared. I mean what if they don't approve of having all these boys.

Cuz who knows how they will respond to 3 more guys. What if they don't get along?

I see a white van pull in the driveway and 3 boys hop out. Brad, James and Conner.

They all walk In laughing at brad twerking like an idiot... Again. I explain, " look guys my sisters are about to get home and they don't know that your here so could you please be nice to them and introduce yourselves"

"Certainly" they all say. Uh oh... They're here...

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