Cant Ever Forget

Never in my life did I think that this would happen. He came and stole my heart. Forever. I may not say it at first, but this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me... Hope you enjoy my Fanfiction about the vamps!!!


3. Jamie's POV

Chapter 3 Jamie's POV

I walked In the door and all i see are 3 boys standing in front of me waiting for a handshake. I stood there confused.

"Um Tristan who are they?" "These are the boys from the vamps." He says nervously not knowing what to expect.

"Oh ok!" Delilah and I say politely. "And um there's something I have to tell you guys."

"What?" I say very scared. "Well um sense they are staying here for 6 months."

"WAIT WHAT?" I yell interrupting Tristan. "You never mentioned that there were gonna be 4 boys and two girls in this house!!!"

"Yeah about that, well they need a place to stay and we have room so,

"Have room!!! We only have two bedrooms in this house"

"Well um, that's the thing..." Tristan says kinda scared. "Well um, were gonna have to share beds."

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!" "Sharing beds with someone I don't know!!!"

"Well what else could we do?" Tristan yells as a come back. "Well anything but this!"

"Well if you want then to leave then fine!" "No." I admitted. I kinda wanted them to stay but I just thought that this whole thing was crazy!

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