Did I know I would sell myself? No. They said it was just a job... Just a job...


4. Signed, 2


''Wha-a-at d-o yo-u me-an cha-n-ge my li-fe'' I stuttered scared because you could hear his footsteps echoing through the hall coming closer and closer

He had this smirk on his face... It was evil. What was he gonna do?

''I need one autograph'' He said standing right in front of me 

We were about the same height since I was wearing my pink high heels which were a gift for my birthday from Maggie plus we got to spend the day at a spa 

If I weren't wearing the heels he would be at least a head taller then me maybe even a little more

''Autograph?'' I asked confused

''Me and some guys have been keeping an eye on you we have been watching your every single move'' He said still not answering y question

''Why?'' I asked at this point I was really scared and still so confused

''You need to become Harry Styles his girlfriend for 1 year everything will be payed for you clothes, make-up, accessories' we also got you a new furnished house and more'' He said smirking. That's it he is Louis Tommo or something from that boy band One Direction see I knew I recognized him from somewhere...

''And what if I don't want to?'' Well I mean dating Harry Styles and all those things do sound pretty attractive and I could need it since the situation I am in now...

''We kill you'' He said sternly with no emotion in his voice

''What!?'' I screamed he hushed me so no one would hear

''So you're saying that I need to act like Harry Styles his girlfriend for a whole year I will get everything I want I will also attend all those stupid party's and premiere's and such and I basically have no saying in this or else I will be killed'' I asked him just to be sure 

''Yes'' He said again sternly with no emotion in his voice

''Why would I be killed if I say no?'' I asked okay is this some kind of camera prank show or something? 

''Because you already know too much we told you everything and you might not keep your pretty mouth shut and then were screwed'' He said to me

''Okay where is the camera show okay come out you got me for a second'' I said laughing nervously but he kept standing there looking straight at me

''If this was a prank how could I know about your past'' He said

Shit, he was right he couldn't possibly know

''Why me?'' I asked

''Because if you happened to say no no one will miss you, not your parents, your grandma is dead and your friends don't care about you'' He said... Ouch?

''Maggie does care'' I said

''Aren't those shoes 2 sizes to small and remember at the spa when you guys had this extra of doing your nails the bottle fell on top of your clothes? Well she knew it they all hate you and be careful because they are using you for free drinks at the bar and that Mark guy he wants to get you into prostitution and Maggie and Stella are already with him so I would get away from them if I were you'' He said again... Ouch?

''Do I even have a choose?'' I asked

''No you don't unless you wanna die'' Well I didn't want that so I guess I had too well it couldn't be that bad right?

''Where do I sign?'' I asked

''Smart girl meet me tomorrow at this address the details are on there'' He said passing me a note

''Will I see you there?'' I asked ''Not that when I arrive there you found someone else and I will be dead?'' I asked

''No we are sure you are the girl'' He said well woo hoo.......

''Okay I will see you tomorrow'' I said turning away putting the note in my bra

''Well I might wanna give you a lift to your home tonight your little ''friends'' wanted to sort of get you out of town and kidnap you'' He said OKAY WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?

''Yeah I know'' He said Oh shit I said that out loud

''Well okay sure give me a ride home'' I said


''My address is...'' I said but he cutted me off

''I know where you live just sit back and relax'' He said

''Of course you do...'' I said under my breath and I was sitting there with my arms crossed

''Your stubborn aren't you'' He said with a little laugh

''Well for some reason you happened to know my life pretty good so you would know that'' I said to him coldly

''Haz will like you'' He said

''Oh jeey my dream come true'' I said sarcastically and rolling my eyes

''Well were here'' He said

''Okay bye'' I said getting out but before I did he grabbed my wrist

''Be there in time'' He said sternly and I nodded he then let go

''Oh and btw Harry will also be there tomorrow'' He said but I just walked away from him

Tomorrow my life will officially change I hope for the good... Maybe this Harry guy won't be so bad

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