Did I know I would sell myself? No. They said it was just a job... Just a job...


3. Signed, 1



The smoke started to fill my nose, I hated it.

Sweaty body's everywhere grinding on each other, I hated it

Loud music everywhere, oh you guessed right I hated it

Well if I hate everything why am I even here?

Well it's because of Stella, Maggie and Mark

They basically force me to come with them every night to the same club over and over again.

Why can't I say no you ask?

Well I rather be here then in my apartment at ''home'' pff... It doesn't feel like home I never found a place that really felt like home


''You guys there she goes again in her thoughtssssss'' I heard Stella slurs from behind me I was sitting at the bar with a drink in my hand when they returned from the dance floor

''Having fun?'' I asked with my biggest fake smile

''Omgggggg Come dance we have found the hottest guy for you'' Maggie said to me leaving my drink and a angry bar tender because I haven't paid for my drink yet

And yep it was clearly my ''friends'' were drunk

The only reason I hang out with them is because Maggie is actually a good friend but she is stupid enough not to see what kind of people Stella and Mark are

Stella and Mark are a couple they have been for 2 years now and they are ALWAYS. Together and always so touchy it makes me wanna vomit...


''Okay okay wait...'' Maggie said laughing and holding her head

''Okay I can walk again....'' She slurred the last part and then she started to run to a guy with a white shirt and I believe blue jeans hard to see with the clubbing light

''Trevor this is Alyssa okay now you guys go and have sone fun'' She said giving me a side bump and I just nervously laughed 

''My name is not Trevor it's Louis I don't even know you or what you mean'' He screamed to Maggie side you couldn't hear a damn thing in this club

''Maggie why don't you go back to Stella she is dancing over there'' I said to Maggie pointing towards Stella who was dancing alone like a lunatic 

''Omg yaaaaaaaas'' She said while walking away

I turned back to this Louis guy and explained it to him, I know I have seen this guy before but where... oh shit is he from The Direct... or One way... ah never mind I will figure it out later

''I am sorry about my friend she is drunk and I don't even wanna be here'' I screamed over the music

''It's okay my name is Louis'' He screamed over the music ''Wanna go somewhere and talk where it's not this loud?'' He asked me and I nodded 

He seemed like a nice guy and he was also very handsome 

His jaw was tight he had sea blue eyes and his brown hair was perfectly done in a quiff

''So you know my name what is yours?'' He asked standing against the brick wall behind him 

We were standing in some hallway that was connected to the club somewhere in the back

''Well Louis my name is Alyssa nice too meet you'' I said shaking his hand which he returned

''Well like I said before I don't even wanna be here but yeah they drag me along...'' I said starting a conversation

''Because you don't wanna be alone in your apartment where there is no cabel and the same shake spear book you already read a 100 times so you just come here and laugh at your friends'' 


He said answering for me... How does he know my life is this guy some kind of stalker?

''Well I need to go to the bathroom I will be right back'' I said trying to escape this lunatic/stalker/possibly rapist 

''I know you don't really have to go'' He said while I had my back towards him wanting to walk away

''Listen Alyssa I know everything about you okay, your crappy apartment, your parents who abounded you when you were 12 and that your grandma practically raised you your whole life, I know about the shitty 300 every month job you have and that you can't even pay your apartment and that you still own him 2400 pounds since you have been living here for 6 months now after you left your grandma since she passed away'' Louis said all these things they were all right...

Who is this blue eyed guy

''Who are you?'' I asked turning around

''I am about to change your life for good'' He said smirking making every single hair on my body stand straight up


If you are confused this is NOT a Louis fanfic this IS a Harry Styles fanfic Harry will appear in the next chapter so no worries XP


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