The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


4. The plane

It was the next week when the girls thought this was going to be very complicated. They were in San Francisco and the airport was a few miles away. They couldn't drive, and their parents were out. 

They are quite raged over their parents not being there. This was a trap. 

Abby got an idea. She decided to check the box Pr. Dohike left them. When she opened it, she found nothing but supplies for school. She kept digging. The girls were starting to help too. The box was as tall as them. 

They found jet packs that had a note on it. It said, do not use this equipment unless you are in an emergency. 

The girls had to discuss if it was an emergency. They decided they should keep looking. 

At the bottom, they found a card that had his number for transportation. This was really good luck. 

They called him. 

"Hello? Is the A quartet on the line?" Said a familiar voice. 

"Yes, we need some transportation to Slevine." Anna said. 

"Okay. Get off the tan couch if you are on it." Pr. Dohike answered. 

The girls stayed clear of the couch when there was a whoosh and Pr. Dohike was sitting on the couch.  

"I can teach you how to speed travel right now to the airport. Just think about how you want to land and where in the airport. Think about gateway 26." 

They felt a weird sensation that they were moving but at the same time, not. 

They found themselves at gateway 24. Close enough. 

They walked to 26 together. When they got on the plane, they had plenty of food to eat and drink. It had surprisingly comfortable seats. 

What definitely must have been Pr. Beckmann now approached them, handing out pamphlets. "This is some things you students may study for class. You also will be sorted, Canterlem, for good and smart Potomisses, Ropland, for bad Potomisses that are good at what they will do, and Moposis for the ones who are stupid. We test your powers to see if you can stand it. If you are a Moposis you will be tested for powers almost all year. If you absolutely have none, you will be sent back at the end of the year as a mistake. You can go through this pamphlet and you can test your powers to make sure you don't get in Moposis. These are the houses and your classmates. You will have a duel weekly for your progression if you are a Canterlem or Ropland. You can move houses if there was a mistake. There hasn't been a mistake since a century though."

The tests graded themselves after they were finished. It said Abby got in Moposis and Ashley and Anna got in Canterlem and Alyssa got in Ropland. The girls are separated. 

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