The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


2. The magic starts

One day in the middle of the school year, they stopped hanging out with Lexi so much and were table buddies. 

What they did not know is that two or more magic people as friends will cause trouble. It was not safe in this world. They were going to finger paint, and Ms. Hibs passed out the paint cups, and they had four colors to share, enough for each of the girls. Then, the paint started to shake on the girls' table, but nothing else in the room was shaking. They levitated and the girls watched in awe. The paint moved after Ms. Hibs and splattered over her bright orange dress and then was both red, yellow, blue, and purple with patches of orange that was not colored. She freaked out covered in paint, ran out the door, and the principal, Mr. Dace talked to them. "Um, students, I will be your teacher for today, because Ms. Hibs quit. You will have a mix of teachers for the rest of the year." He seemed calm, but they could tell he was very surprised. He knew who did it, and he had to control their powers. 

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