the life of Draco Malfoy

this is the diary/ journal of draco malfoy during his time at Hogwarts


2. Hogwarts

september 1rst 1 year at Hogwarts


Dear journal

                Yes you are a journal not a diary no matter what my father says. Anyways wow I just noticed how good my writing looks on your white smooth pages diary darn it journal not diary journal. So on the train I made some croonies their names are Crabe and Goyle. So at the stairs to hogwarts after we followed that giant oaf called Rebus Hagrid I saw Harry potter and the newest Weasel so I went up to him and said" Potter I'm Malfoy Draco Malfoy." I turned ther because I heard a snort I turned to the sound and said " there's no need to ask who you are red hair, freckles , oh and look hand me down robes your obviously a weasley. Potter you don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort thats where I can help you." I put out my hand for him to shake I mean come on  I thought who wouldn't shake my hand nobody  wouldn't. Thats where it went wrong I'm not saying I'm wrong because everybody knows that i'm never wrong ever. But Potter didn't shake my hand he just said "I think I'm good with making friends." then proffeseur Moganagoll came out and called us in for sorting. " Abbott Hannah. Ackerley Stuart. Bones Suasan." thats where I stopped listening I started again when I heard Potter Harry he was sorted into gryffindor. A few names later and by a few I mean like 10 or 15 I was called and the moment the hat touched my head it shouted Slytherin and now I shall fast forward a bit skip the rest of the sorting the feast finally it comes to the present. So slytherin domitories are great We each get our own bathroom and the beds are really comfy. I met some other people who are now part of my gang they don't follow me every where like Crabbe or Goyle wwho also got slytherin but they are good too. I met Pansy Parkinson , and Blaise Zabini.


got to go now

bye diary er journal


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