True Love

"I'm proud of you man" he smiled. I looked at him my vision blurry, "why?" "You have a perfect family.. You know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.. You've created a perfect family.. Your story is amazing.. The perfect family argues... The perfect family has some cuts.. But they stay together no matter what.." he smiled.


1. "We'll figure something out... Together"

"I told you to buy some food" I exclaimed annoyed. "Sorry I forgot it" Justin sighed and took off his jacket. "Again?" I said angry, "It's the fourth time this week.... We're hungry and you know I don't have time..." "I said I'm sorry" he exclaimed. I sighed, "I heard you but that doesn't give us any food?" "Why do you talk to me like that... I'm working everyday so we at least have some money.." he threw his hands in the air. "Yeah and I appreciate that" I said, "But Justin we don't have anything to eat and we get pizza everyday... It's not heathy for Zoe..." "Get a job yourself and a driving license then you can make money and drive to the store" he exclaimed. I sighed, "Justin you know I can't.... I don't have an education... And we can't afford a driving license..."

"Why are you fighting again?" I heard a little voice say. I looked down in our 3 years old daughters hazel/caramel brown eyes. Just like her dad. "Sweetie we're not fighting... We're just talking..." Her eyes started tearing up, "I don't want mommy and daddy to be mad..." I felt a knife inside, "Sweetie, we're not mad... We just disagree... That's all... I love you... Now go and watch some tv..." "Okay love you too" she sighed and walked away. I looked up at Justin with hurt in my eyes. "Look tomorrow I'll start working till 9pm and we have to figure something out..." Justin said not caring about Zoe being sad. "What?!" I raised an eyebrow, "Justin you can't-" "Ciara we don't have choice... I have to, otherwise we can't afford anything.." "But Justin we won't see each other..." I sighed. "I don't have a choice... What do you want me to do?" he exclaimed frustrated. "I don't know" I looked down. "You're 24 get a job.... You can work at a store or something... You don't have to have an education for that" he said.

"But what about Zoe?" "Don't know.. I guess we will find a kindergarten or my mom can take care of her" he shrugged. "But I don't want your mom to do anything... She does a lot for us already" I exclaimed. "But do you have any other idea?" he sighed. I looked down, "no..." "We'll figure something out... Together" he smiled and grabbed my hands. He pulled me into a hug and I started crying. Like everyday. "Please don't cry beautiful" he stroked my back. "But how am I supposed not to?" I sniffled as we pulled away. He shrugged, "don't know... But everything is gonna be alright..." "Sure?" I asked. "I know" he smiled stroking my cheek, "why don't we go to the store and shop together?" That was new.

"Are you serious?" I smiled. "Yeah" he smiled and pulled me closer by taking his arms around my waist, "I love you." "Love you too" I smiled right before our lips met. "Ew" I heard Zoe's voice exclaim. Justin and I chuckled pulling away. "Come here princess" Justin smiled at Zoe and spread his arms out. "Hi daddy" Zoe ran into his embrace and Justin stood up with her in his arms hugging her tight. "I love you" Justin stroked her cheek when they pulled away. "Love you too" Zoe giggled, her eyes sparkling like diamonds. I just loved to see Justin and Zoe together. He had always been the one who could make Zoe happy again. Even though it was him who made her sad.

"Who is daddy's girl?" Justin asked happily. "I am" Zoe exclaimed. Justin kissed her cheek, "that's right princess." He put her down again and grabbed her hand, "do you want to go shopping with mommy and daddy?" She nodded smiling. "Let's go then" I said happily. But on my way past Justin, he grabbed my waist making me gasp, "Justin what are you doing?" "I've missed you beautiful" he said and pecked my lips. "Awe I've missed you more Jus" I smiled. "Not possible baby" he pecked my cheek then let go of my waist and out on the hallway. I followed, closed the door and locked it. Zoe and I waited for the elevator to come while Justin made his way down the stairs. He didn't like elevators. He suffered from claustrophobia.

"Come here princess" Justin said and put Zoe in her baby seat, while I got inside. When Justin was done he got in and began driving. "Why are you driving that way?" I asked. "What?" he raised an eyebrow, "it's the right way.." "No no you have to go the left" I exclaimed, "it's faster..." "You know I love you and I hope you trust me on this Ciara.... Now lean back and rest a bit" he smiled and drove the way he thought was right. Which also was right. "Sorry I didn't trust you" I looked down. "It's okay... I'm used to it" he winked as he got out and got Zoe. I raised an eyebrow and got out, "what did you say?" "I'm just kidding my angel" he pecked my lips and grabbed Zoe and my hands. I giggled, "you're sweet Jus." "You're more" he smiled as we walked into the store.

"Okay so if you grab a trolley" I smiled at Justin. "We'll be back in a minute" he pecked my cheek and grabbed a trolley. He wheeled the trolley around in the store with Zoe sitting in it and me walking next to. "So we need milk, flour, sugar, cereals, vegetables, fruit, juice, yogurt..." And I continued and continued. "Seriously?" Justin exclaimed surprised. I smiled, "yeah..." Some people looked at us in a weird way making me insecure, "Justin I don't wanna be here.." He stopped walking and turned to me, "you're beautiful, you're perfect, you're a wonderful person, a wonderful wife and mom, they can't judge you... You're perfect as you are... You are perfect to me... I'm sure they think that too... Or I know they do.." I looked down, "thank you..." "My pleasure baby" he lifted up my chin making me look into his eyes, "we might not have so many money or a perfect home... And we might not see each other so much... But every single second I'm spending with my queen and princess make me more happy than everything on this entire planet.." He looked at Zoe and then at me, "I love you both..." "Thanks Justin... We love you too" I pecked his lips and then we continued to shop. When we were done we had so many bags that it almost couldn't fit in our car. And we didn't really have any money left so.

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