True Love

"I'm proud of you man" he smiled. I looked at him my vision blurry, "why?" "You have a perfect family.. You know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.. You've created a perfect family.. Your story is amazing.. The perfect family argues... The perfect family has some cuts.. But they stay together no matter what.." he smiled.


4. "Mom?!"

*Ciara's POV*


I couldn't believe that Justin was there, even though he told me last night that he was going to work at 9am instead of 6am. It was unbelievable. I didn't know when the last time we woke up and ate together, was. It was a long time ago.

"Morning princess" Justin said stroking Zoe's cheek. "Daddy?!" she yawned. "Yeah it's daddy princess" he said in a gentle voice. "Daddy!" she exclaimed happily and jumped into his arms. "Hi princess I've missed you" Justin smiled and hugged her tight. "I've missed you too daddy" she pulled herself closer to him closing her eyes. I just loved how much Justin loved and cared for her.

"Daddy made some breakfast for you" Justin smiled and grabbed my hand, before walking to the kitchen. "Wow did you make this" I exclaimed. He nodded chuckling and put Zoe in her chair, "yeah angel... Forgot I work as a cook?" I shook my head, "nope... But you never cook at home so.." "That's because I use all day at work angel" he pecked my cheek and made me sit down. He sat down as well and gave all of us some food.

"This is wonderful Justin" I exclaimed and looked at him amazed. "Thanks" he smiled and continued to eat. "And I think Zoe loves it too" I giggled looking at her. She had food all over her face and hair. Justin chuckled, "you like the food princess?" Zoe nodded, "it's so much better than mommy's food.." I giggled. "Thanks princess" he smiled at her.

When we were done eating Justin looked at the clock and hurried to our room and I started cleaning up the dishes while Zoe watched tv.

Justin came running into the kitchen smelling of all kinds of perfume and so on, while he buttoned his shirt, "where is my phone?" "It's right here" I gave him his phone smiling. "Thanks... You look beautiful today" he smiled and pecked my lips. He ran over Zoe and said goodbye then ran out in the kitchen and kissed me for a long time, "I love you forever and always.." "Love you too" I smiled. Then he was all gone. I sighed, that was the best morning I'd had in a while.

When I was done cleaning the dishes I walked over to Zoe, "so what do you wanna do today?" "Playground" she smiled. "That's what we'll do then" I smiled, "do you want granny to come?" She nodded, "yeah." "I'll just call her... C'mon let's find some clothes" I took out my hand for her to take it and she did. I turned off the tv and walked to her room. I found a white dress and some white ballerina shoes. I braided her dark brown long hair into a beautiful fishtail braid. I just loved her hair. It was almost black but dark brown with some small light brown natural highlights in. So beautiful. My hair was all black. And Justin's was light brown with dark and blonde highlights in. He hadn't dyed it once. So beautiful. I took on a white loose summer dress on and my black vans. The only shoes I had. Justin only had a pair of black Supra. I got these shoes two years ago and Justin got his last year. So we didn't need new shoes right there. Zoe had three pair of shoes. One for winter, one for spring/fall and one for summer. She had to have what she needed. If we could afford it. I found my phone and called Pattie.


Me: Hey Pattie.

Pattie: Hey sweetie what's up? Everything ok?

Me: Yeah I'm perfect.. Justin was home all morning till 9am and made breakfast... I didn't know he could cook like that...

Pattie: Amazing... Well I'm happy for you! You mean a lot to Justin.. You two are his world and he would do everything for you...

Me: I know and I hope he knows I'd do the same... He has been supporting me through everything... And when I think about everything we've been through... It's crazy how much we've been through... We've even lived on the streets... And he still loved me.. And supported me.. I'm so grateful...

Pattie: Yeah he is wonderful... And so are you... Well why did you call?

Me: Oh I just wanted to know if you want to go to the playground with Zoe and I?

Pattie: Of cause I'll pick you up in 5...

Me: No need for that...

Pattie: I want to do it sweetie...

Me: But Justin drove with the baby seat...

Pattie: I have one just in case...

Me: Oh okay then I'll see you in 5...

Pattie: See ya sweetie..


"Granny will here in 5 minutes princess" I stroked Zoe's soft cheek.

I remembered when Justin and I lived on the streets. We just found out that I was pregnant with Zoe. I was throwing up and passing out, because I had an eating disorder. Justin had to stay with me. And then we didn't have any money. We ended up on the streets. It was some terrible months. But our love was strong enough. We didn't break up. When we found an apartment he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We had a little private wedding. And I gave birth to Zoe. She was healthy. After that I tried and tried and then I got pronounced well. We were so happy. And we still were. But then Justin and I were tired. He was working his ass off. Like we're talking almost 23 hours a day. And we always argued about everything. We almost got a divorce but then got back together. Then 7 months past and we didn't sleep together at all. He was grumpy and angry all the time. And I was too.

Then after the day before yesterday after we slept together we hadn't been arguing that much. I was happy. Well I was before but I was so much more happier. Just spending a morning with him made me happy. Justin was happy too. He seemed happy.

Then the door-bell disturbed my thoughts and I went to open the door, "hi Pattie." "Hey sweetie ready to go?" she asked. I nodded, "yep.. Zoe granny's here.." Zoe came running to the door smiling, "hi granny." "Hey sweetie" she smiled hugging her.

"Don't you have other shoes?" she asked looking at my shoes, "you always have them on..." I shook my head, "I have these... We're using the money for Zoe... She has to look okay... We can't let her use shoes for winter at summer.. So Justin and I only have one pair of shoes.." "I'll buy a pair for both of you" she exclaimed. "Don't worry they're two years old.. And Justin's is one year..." I smiled and looked at them. "But I want to" she smiled. "I don't want you to... You're doing enough already..... I can't give you anything as in thank you.." I said.

She stroked my arm, "seeing Justin happy is a thank you I'm never gonna be able to give back... And to have a grandchild like Zoe..." "Zoe is wonderful... She is the one to make me happy when I think everything is falling apart..." I looked at Zoe smiling, "I'm just worried about school... We're not able to pay... We don't have enough money..." "Look... You can talk with the principal and make a deal... That's what I did with Justin..." she smiled. "Okay thanks Pattie" I smiled at her. "I would do everything for Zoe, Justin and you" she said, "I'll buy lunch." "No Pattie it's okay" I said. "C'mon" she smiled, "Zoe." She stood up and so did I.

"Thank you so much for the dinner Pattie" I smiled grateful. "You're welcome sweetie" she smiled, "do you get enough to eat? You and Zoe ate like you haven't got anything to eat in years.." I giggled, "we get enough to eat yeah.... Sometimes Justin makes food for us..." "Okay sweetie well I'll see you sometime" she smiled as I shut the door and went to get Zoe. She said goodbye to Pattie then we went to the elevator.

"Goodnight my world" I pecked Zoe's cheek and closed the door. "What to do then?" I sighed and sat down against the wall.

'I hear a the doorbell ring. I run to the door and open it, "what's up?" "Missed me?" I hear a familiar voice. "Mom?!" I exclaim. I can't believe my own eyes. "This must be a dream.. You're dead..." I start crying like crazy. "I'm right here my beloved girl" she smiles and I try hugging her but she is like air. Her voice keeps saying my name and then it starts sounding like Justin's.'

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