True Love

"I'm proud of you man" he smiled. I looked at him my vision blurry, "why?" "You have a perfect family.. You know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.. You've created a perfect family.. Your story is amazing.. The perfect family argues... The perfect family has some cuts.. But they stay together no matter what.." he smiled.


2. "7 months.."

*Ciara's POV*

When we were done eating, it was time for Zoe to go to bed. We got pizza again. But we made a family thing and that's what matters. Justin and I sat in her room singing songs for her. She loved our voices and I loved Justin and hers. She could sing already. Her big hazel/caramel brown eyes slowly closed and a little snoring could be heard. I kissed her forehead, "goodnight princess." Justin did the same and then we walked to the living room.

It was 9pm and I was so freaking tired and I just wanted to go to bed. "I'm going to bed now" I yawned. "Coming I have to get up early tomorrow" he turned off the tv and followed to our room. We changed and brushed our teeth, then went to bed. Suddenly Justin whispered, "please." Then he got of top of me and started kissing me. "But what if Zoe hears it?" I said and pushed him away. "Please just.... It's been 7 months since we did it last time... And I really need you" he whispered close to my ear. "Quickly" I said as I took of my panties and he his boxers. He grabbed a condom and put it on. Then he slid inside of me. I almost forgot how good this feels. "Mmm" I moaned quietly. Justin couldn't help but moan and groan as he continued to go in and out. The pleasure shot through me millions of times.


*Zoe's POV*


I slowly got out of my bed. Then I heard daddy groan and mommy gasp. I slowly made my way to their room and opened the door. Daddy was on top of mommy moving, while they groaned each other's names. It almost looked like he was riding. Weird. Then I walked back to my room and fell asleep again.


*Ciara's POV*


"I'm coming" I whispered/moaned. "Me too just a little bit more" Justin moaned quietly. He thrusted in and out a couple of times then I felt a huge pleasure shot through me while I was shivering. Justin groaned and closed his eyes in pleasure, "I really needed that... Thank you..." "Me too.... I almost forgot how good it feels" I stroked his cheek. He got out and threw the condom in the trash then he took on his boxers, "you were wonderful angel.." I took on my panties, "you more... I forgot how wonderful you are.." "You know what beautiful?" he said got into bed again looking at me. I shook my head smiling. "You are the most wonderful, sexiest, hottest, exciting and perfect sex I've ever had" he said and pecked my lips. I giggled and looked into his eyes, "you too Jus..." "I remember how amazed I was back when we were young... Every single time I was amazed... And I still am..." he smiled and took his arms around my waist. "Me too... Really..." I smiled. I remember the first time. He was so gentle. And then the second time he was so wild and hungry. Then the third time. We hadn't seen each other in 3 months and he was so freaking horny and just couldn't wait, so he rented a hotel room on our way home from the airport. I deep-throated him and he fingered me. And then we made love all night. Amazing.

"I love you my beautiful and perfect angel.. And I always will" he smiled. "I love you too my beautiful and perfect Prince Charming and I always will" I smiled. Then we made out in a while and then fell asleep.

When I woke up Justin was gone. Or he already left. He had to go to work at 6am. He was working as a cook.

I tired dragged myself to our closet. Grabbed one of Justin's tank-tops and a pair of his sweatpants. Then threw my hair into a messy bun. I sighed and walked to Zoe's room, waking her up. When she was awake we walked to the kitchen. "Mommy" she asked. "What sweetie?" I smiled and found something to eat. "Why was daddy on top of you last night?" she asked. I blushed, "um... We just had some grownup-time... Don't worry.." "Did daddy hurt you?" she asked and looked at me with her big brown eyes. I shook my head smiling, "not at all... Don't worry baby... You'll found out when you get older..." "Okay where is daddy?" she asked. So many questions. I was shocked by the fact that she saw us last night. I didn't even see her. Or heard her.

"He is at work sweetheart.... You'll have to visit grandma today.... Mommy is going out" I stroked her cheek.

I gave her some clothes on and looked at the clock. "Ready to go princess" I asked kissing her forehead. She nodded smiling. I grabbed her hand and opened the door.

"Thank you so much for taking care of her... We're so busy... I'm going to look for a job today.... Justin has now started working till 9pm... We barely see each other" I whispered grateful and hugged her. She smiled as we pulled away, "my pleasure she is such a sweetheart... And I know you're going through a tough time right now..." "We shopped yesterday... All of us... We're never doing that... But Pattie we're always arguing when he comes home... It's so hard..." I whispered. "Even though you're arguing it always end up well... Justin really loves you... And he would love you even if you were living on the streets... It's true love sweetie" she whispered smiling. "Thank you Pattie... I gotta go now.." I smiled, "bye Zoe I love you..." "Love you too" Zoe smiled and then I walked away. Or ran to the bus.

"Hi I'm Ciara" I smiled. "Hi Ciara... You called... Um we have a job for you... As a cleaning lady... You won't get a lot of money but it is something" the boss smiled. "Anything is okay with me as long as I get some money" I smiled. "You will get 80$ a day... Four hours" he smiled. "That's a great pay... Don't worry when do you want me to start?" I exclaimed. "Next week" he smiled. "Okay thank you so much" I exclaimed. "You're welcome... So that was all.. See you next week at 12am.." he smiled and shook my hand. "Okay see ya" I smiled and and walked away. When I came outside I jumped up and down of happiness. I got a job. I was so happy that I ran all the way home. I decided to clean up.


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