Midnight Terror

She never knew why she was chosen for this job, but she was. Her life had changed dramatically since that day but her life before was now a distance memory long forgotten. Her life now was all that mattered.
I just wanted to say that the cover and banner where done by my friend Maria Shadowknight


4. Chapter 4


She continued to drag him through the hall being careful to avoid the little devil bunny's. Soon they arrived by a black door that was bolted shut.

"Wha..." He stared at the door and at the amazing engravings. Beautiful patterns covered the whole door.

"This was my mums favorite room in the hole house" He looked at her and saw a tear slip from her eye. 

"What happened to her?" She let a small smile cross her lips.

"That's the thing she left us" He couldnt help but feel sorry for her. 

"Well I'm sorry for your loss" Her eyes widened then she slowly pulled a key out of her pocket.

"Would you like to go in?" He stared at her shocked

"What!! Bu-But we just met yet you want me to see the most important room!" She laughed

"Its not the most important room! I just really like it!" He relaxed and so she proceeded to open the door. He took two steps in then gasped. On every wall there were different musical instruments in different colours, shapes and sizes. 

"Would you like to hear a song my mum used to sing to me?" He looked at her as she made her way to a guitar.

"um sure" She smiled and started to strung a small tune 


She stopped and tears ran down her cheeks. He freaked out then pulled her into a hug.

"Shh its okay" She grabbed fist fulls of his shirt and buried her head in the crook of his neck. He froze.

"Thank you" She whispered as she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. 

"Thats..alright" She let go and leaned back.

"I'm sorry for breaking down like that...Its just I miss her" He could see more tear threatening to fall and so he held her hand.
"Hey dont worry" A smile soon appeared and he had to admit she was cute when she smiled.

"I was hoping that we could be friends?" Her voice was quiet but he could still hear her.  

"Well then I guess we are now friends" Her face brightened up and he couldnt help but smile with her.

So he had just made friends with a weird girl who's dad didnt want him here. What had he gotten himself into?

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