Midnight Terror

She never knew why she was chosen for this job, but she was. Her life had changed dramatically since that day but her life before was now a distance memory long forgotten. Her life now was all that mattered.
I just wanted to say that the cover and banner where done by my friend Maria Shadowknight


3. Chapter 3


She slowly got up and left her room through a separate door. He quickly followed entranced by the young girl. She silently slid through the halls as he had to speed up to be able to follow. He caught a glimpse of her hair just before he lost sight of her altogether. 

He spun round on the spot trying to see where she had gone but to no use. Thats when he stopped dead in his tracks. It was that bunny thing again but this time it was moving. It was on its legs moving and very fast. Right at HIM!!!. He turned and ran as fast as his legs would take him the bunny hot on his heels. He run through the maze like halls hoping to lose the little devil bunny. Soon the bunny was out of sight and he sighed as he leaned against a wall when he felt a strange falling sensation. He found himself falling through the wall towards whats seemed to be a huge hall. He landed with a dull thud on a soft chair. He mentally thanked god for the save but soon tried to hide as the girl made her way onto the stage a piano following right after. He just stared as the piano stopped a few feet away from the girl as she made her way up to it. She sat down and her fingers soon danced across the keys. At first humming to herself then she started to change the tune. When she finally found one she liked she sang.



 (Pretend she made up the song plz)

He clapped without thinking as she finished. Her head snapped round to find the source of the sound until her eyes landed on him. He shrunk under her gaze until surprisingly it lit up.

"OMG a human!!!" She squealed with delight while he stared at her like another head had grown on her shoulder. She flew right up into his face. Yes you heard me right I said FLEW. He landed back and swallowed deeply.

"Um...hi" She let a huge smile cross her face. She picked him up by the back of his shirt and dragged him onto the stage.

"Hi there my name is Midnight whats yours?" She held out her hand the smile not fading.

"Its Chris" She slowly reached out his hand. She grabbed it in hers and shook it roughly.

"Wow Ive never met a human before, yeah I've seen them but not actually talked to one! Oohh this is so exciting!" Her eyes roamed all over him from his spiky blonde hair, deep ocean blue eyes down to his red sneakers. He did the same. Her deep midnight purple hair, moon sliver eyes down to her red and black stockings. Just when he was about to speak a loud voice cut him off.

"Midnight it seems as though while you were away a human boy got into the house you need to be more careful!" Midnight quickly told Chris to hid underneath the piano. Fancy black shoes  soon came into view. 

"Hi dad I haven't seen any humans here so you can just leave!" Her voice showed no signs of the lie. Hoping that he would buy her lie she twiddled her fingers behind her back.

"Okay then tell me if you see it" The shoes soon disappeared. Chris didn't realize he was holding his breath until he let it out. Midnight leaned down and smiled at him.

"Follow me!" Midnight grabbed Chris's hand and dragged him down more halls. Who was this girl? 

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