Midnight Terror

She never knew why she was chosen for this job, but she was. Her life had changed dramatically since that day but her life before was now a distance memory long forgotten. Her life now was all that mattered.
I just wanted to say that the cover and banner where done by my friend Maria Shadowknight


2. Chapter 2


His eyes shot open when he heard a dull thunk on his roof. He jumped out of bed and ran to his window just in time to see a girl jump onto another roof. His eyes widened as he took in her appearance. She had dark purple hair that reached just above her waist. She spun round and he saw she had a long black dress with a huge red star in the middle with red and black stockings to match. He had never seen her before then his breath caught in his throat when he watched as she stepped off of a roof into the darkness below then she vanished.  

He ran up to his door and yanked his dressing gown off it and put it on as he ran through the house. He opened his front door and ran to where the girl had disappeared. There was no trace of her just a huge shadow. He took a step forward then felt air rushing past his face. He snapped his eyes shut waiting for the moment when he would be nothing but a huge stain of the floor but it never came and slowly he opened his eyes to see that he was floating. Soon his feet gently landed on the ground and a small light appeared in front of him. A small bunny-doll was in the corner and it seemed to be staring at him.  He looked at confused as to why a bunny doll had fallen down here. He thought that maybe a kid dropped it down here. He reached forward to grab it when it started to screech at him. He fell back as it jumped up and started to run into the light at the bottom of the corridor. 

He soon followed but making sure that he didn't bump into anymore of them. But then a sound caught his ear. It was a girls voice gently singing. He crept closer until he came to a black door. He pressed his ear to it then it slowly opened. He mentally cursed hoping she didn't hear. Luckily she had her headphones on but he could still hear the music and her singing the song. 



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