Wheels and Love(Ziam love story)

Liam is handicap. He is paralyzed from the waste down and he is also gay. At school he is called hopeless, useless, homo, fag, and any other name you can think of. He is beat up for being gay. The only good thing is that at least he has a friend. His friend is Louis Tomlinson.

Zayn is a transfer student from Bradford. He lives with his mom, stepdad, and stepbrother. Zayn is gay and doesn't care what people think of it. Zayn was transferred along with his best friend Niall.

Zayn and Liam are complete opposites. What happens when these two meet? Will Liam finally feel like he is wanted and will Zayn change Liam's life for the best? read to find out.


2. Zayn's brother

Harry's POV

  After my dad got married, we moved to Wolverhampton. I actually get along great with my new stepbrother, Zayn. He is a year younger then me so I feel like I need to protect him. Him and his friend are great and I can tell they are like brothers. Anyway, I also go to the same school as him. I do actually have a few classes with him and his friend Niall. Right now I'm heading to third block. I have this class with Niall. When I walked into the classroom, I saw a bald dude picking on this kid in a wheel chair. I saw Niall start to tell the boy off.

   "I'm gay, are you going to start harassing me" Niall said, getting in the dude's face.

   "Maybe I will. What are you going to do about it" The boy asked. I could hear the attitude in the boy's voice.

  "Well, I could either kick your ass myself or I could get my friend to kick your ass for me" Niall said, smirking. " I could even get Zayn's brother." I smiled at that and walked into the room.

  "Who's his brother" the boy asked, a look of amusement on his face.

  "I am" I said walking up behind him. The boy in the wheelchair looked up at me. The bald kid looked at me as well.

 "Who are you" the boy asked; anger and rudeness in his voice.

  "Zayn's stepbrother. Now, were you just about to insult my brother's friend" I asked annoyed.

  "No, I was about to insult your idiotic brother" the boy said smiling. I clenched my fist and punched him right in the face; knocking him down.

  "Don't you ever talk that way about my brother again" I screamed at him. The boy stood up covering his, now, heavily bleeding nose.

   "Who the hell do you think you are?" the boy asked looking pissed.

  "My name is Harry Styles and I don't do very well when idiotic assholes like yourself talk shit about my friends and family" I said. This guy is really fucking annoying me. Who the hell does he think he's talking to? "Now, if I catch you talking shit about my brother or messing with anyone else, I will hunt you down and kill your ass."

   After that I look at the boy in the wheelchair. "Are you okay" I asked. The boy just stares at me and nods.

   "Hi, I'm Louis and this is my best friend Liam" said a boy with brown hair and blue eyes.

   "Nice to meet you, I'm Harry" I introduced. Just then the teacher walked in and told everyone to sit down. I took a seat between Niall and Liam. I wasn't really paying attention to the teacher, I was staring at this really cute boy with blue hair. It was odd but cute. He looked back at me and I quickly turned my head away, blushing.

  "Awwwww, Harry has a crush" Niall whispered in my ear. I felt my cheeks turn an even darker shade of red.

  "Shut up Niall" I said, punching his arm playfully. I looked past him and saw Liam look from me to the blue haired boy. I nodded.

   "That's Michael Clifford, he is one of the very few people that doesn't pick on us" Liam whispered. I smiled and nodded. That was good because I would have to hate him if he messed with them because he is really cute and I don't want to have to hate him.

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