Wheels and Love(Ziam love story)

Liam is handicap. He is paralyzed from the waste down and he is also gay. At school he is called hopeless, useless, homo, fag, and any other name you can think of. He is beat up for being gay. The only good thing is that at least he has a friend. His friend is Louis Tomlinson.

Zayn is a transfer student from Bradford. He lives with his mom, stepdad, and stepbrother. Zayn is gay and doesn't care what people think of it. Zayn was transferred along with his best friend Niall.

Zayn and Liam are complete opposites. What happens when these two meet? Will Liam finally feel like he is wanted and will Zayn change Liam's life for the best? read to find out.


3. New Friends

Liam's POV

  Right now, I actually think my life got a little better, even if I am stuck in this blasted chair. I really want to see Zayn again. He is so hot and he also asked if I was ok, like he actually cared. I found the whole ordeal sweet and cute. I was snapped out of my thoughts by someone tapping on my shoulder. I looked behind and saw a smirking blue-eyed boy with feathery brown hair.

   "What do you want Tommo" I groaned, angry that he interrupted my thoughts.

   "Nothing. I was just wondering if you were thinking of Zayn naked" he smirked. I instantly felt my face heat up.
   "No" I said, slapping him in the back of his head. Before Louis could say anything, the bell rang and I quickly rolled off to my next class. As I was rolling I suddenly felt someone pull me back, causing my fingers to get pinched by the wheels. I winced in pain and looked behind me. I felt fear overtake me when I realized that Chris was the one that stopped me.

   "Where do you think you are going Payne" Chris said, smirking. I let a small whimper escape my lips as he turned my chair around. His eyes filled with anger when I didn't answer him.

   "Answer the question you stupid gay faggot" he shouted, punching me in the stomach. I groaned in pain and allowed my hands to clutch my stomach.

   "I-I was j-j-just going t-t-to my next c-c-class" I stuttered, causing Chris to smirk.

   "Awwww, is the gay little fag scared?"

   "Anyone would be scared of a face like yours" a voice said, coming from behind Chris. I looked behind him and instantly felt my heart flutter. Zayn was standing behind Chris with his arms folded. He looked like he was extremely pissed off. Chris turned around and glared at Zayn angrily.

   "Who do you think you are?" Chris shouted at Zayn.

   "I think I'm the guy that is about to kick you ass if you don't leave him the fuck alone" Zayn threatened, anger showing in his eyes. I saw a smirk appear on Chris' face and instantly knew what he was thinking. He quickly pulled out his phone and started texting a message to his friends telling them to come and help him. After a minute, Chris' gang appears. His gang includes Max George, Jay Mcguiness, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, and Brad Thompson. Before Zayn could do anything, Max and Siva grabbed Zayn and threw him against the wall.

   "You should stay out of this Malik" Chris said before turning his attention back to me. I whimpered and started rolling backwards. Just as Chris started walking towards me, I saw Zayn stand up behind him.

   "I am not going to stay out of this. Now, if I were you I'd leave him alone before I call for help and you get your ass kicked by three boys that are younger then you" Zayn said, crossing his arms again.

   "Why should a bad boy like yourself even care about someone as useless as him?" Jay asked. I felt my heart shatter because they are right. Why would someone like Zayn even like someone like me.

   "That does it. You two can come out now" Zayn said. I looked at him in confusion but that went away when I saw his brother Harry and his friend Niall appear from around the corner. I Just stared at them in shock.

   "You guys didn't think that I would be walking in the halls without Niall or Harry, did you? Now, leave Liam alone or we will kick you asses" Zayn said. I stared at him in surprise. Zayn went through all that trouble for me. Does he really care about me that much.

   " I don't think I want to. Besides, how can someone as weak as yourself kick my ass?" Chris asked laughing, as well as goons.

   "I don't need your bullshit. You are only harassing Liam because you are ashamed of your own fucked up life" Zayn said. That resulted in Chris jumping on Zayn and punching him square in the jaw. Harry ran over and pulled Chris off of Zayn. He punched him once in the stomach and twice in the face.

   "Don't you dare touch my brother again." I noticed that Niall was helping Zayn to his feet. Zayn walked up to Chris and punched him in the face for the third time.

   "If you guys know what's good for you, I suggest you leave. If you don't then I might be tempted to repeat what just happened" Harry said, looking at Chris' gang. They instantly took off running. Once they were out of sight, Zayn walked over to me.

   "Are you alright Liam?" He asked, looking me in the eyes. I nodded and gave him a smile. I think my life just got a whole lot better.

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