Wheels and Love(Ziam love story)

Liam is handicap. He is paralyzed from the waste down and he is also gay. At school he is called hopeless, useless, homo, fag, and any other name you can think of. He is beat up for being gay. The only good thing is that at least he has a friend. His friend is Louis Tomlinson.

Zayn is a transfer student from Bradford. He lives with his mom, stepdad, and stepbrother. Zayn is gay and doesn't care what people think of it. Zayn was transferred along with his best friend Niall.

Zayn and Liam are complete opposites. What happens when these two meet? Will Liam finally feel like he is wanted and will Zayn change Liam's life for the best? read to find out.


1. the new boy

Liam's POV

    School. My least favorite place on earth. I don't understand why people are against gays. They treat me bad for being a gay handicap. I wish I was never near that explosion. If I would've stayed away from that house then I might still have my will to walk; rather than being stuck in this damn chair. The only good thing about going to school is seeing my best friend Louis. He is also gay. He helps me out a lot. I arrived at school and rolled my chair to Louis' locker to wait for him. As I was looking at my phone, I felt someone approach me. I look up and see my main bully, Chris Yang, standing in front of me.

   "What you up to loser" He said, grabbing the collar of my shirt. Chris lifted me out of my chair and shoved my against the wall. I yelped as my back made contact with the metal lockers.

  "Isn't there one day you can go without harassing me" I said. As soon as the words left my mouth I instantly regretted it. Chris tightened his grip on my shirt. He clenched his fist and punched me in the face. He then dropped me and kicked me in the stomach four times before running off to class.

   "LIAM" a familiar voice shouted. Before I knew it, I felt Louis' strong arms pick me up and put me back in my chair. I smiled at him only to feel a sharp pain in my cheek. I winced at the pain. Louis noticed and stared at me worriedly.

   "Are you sure your ok" Louis asked. I heard the panic and worry in his voice. I nodded my head slowly, trying not to cause anymore pain in my cheek.

   "Let's just head to class or else we'll be late" I said. Louis nodded and started to push me all the way to our first period. We were put in all the same classes because the teachers saw how much Louis helped me. When we got to class, Louis wheeled me to the back of the classroom where we usually sat. When the first bell rang, everyone started to walk in the classroom. Class started when the teacher came in and started babbling something about the Civil War. Man I hate history class. It is so boring.

   About 5 minutes into class, I felt my eyes start to droop. Just as I was about to go to sleep, the classroom door was shoved open making my head shoot up. I looked at the door and saw the most cutest boy ever. He had black hair that was styled up in a quaff. His cheek bones were high, but they looked hot. He had beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile that could just make you melt.

  "Mr. Malik your late" Our teacher, Mrs. smith, said. I could see an angry look on her face. The boy just smiled.

   "I was busy trying to skip" The boy said, grinning.

    "Just go and find a seat. Oh, and buy the way class, this is..."

    The boy cut her off. "Zayn Malik"

     Zayn looked around until his eyes landed on a seat next to me. I felt my cheeks start to heat up. He walked over to the seat and sat down. He looked at me and I think my cheeks get darker. I quickly looked away so people wouldn't give me trouble about it later. I decided to try to go to sleep again. I laid my head on the desk and slowly started to drift to sleep. Just as I was about to go to sleep, I felt something hard hit my head. I looked up and saw a book laying on the floor. I looked around and saw Tommy Figgins smiling. I looked back at the book and noticed one word written across the cover. Fag.

    "Are you okay" Someone asked me. I looked up and saw Zayn looking at me. I nodded my head slowly. Zayn smiled and leaned back in his chair. I laid my head back down but I could feel Zayn's eyes on me. I looked at him and sure enough he was staring at me. I decided to just ignore him and soon I ended up falling asleep.

   When I woke up I saw that I was in third period. I turned my head and looked at Louis in confusion.

   "I decided to let you sleep, so I pushed you to second and then third" Louis explained. I nodded my head to show him that I understood.

   "I noticed you staring at the new kid in first. Do you Like him?" Louis asked. I felt my cheeks heat up.

   "He's cute" I mumbled, but Louis heard me. a huge smile appeared on Louis' face.

   "He is also in our second period class" Louis said.

   "He is" I said. I could hear the excitement in my own voice. Louis laughed.

   "Yeah. There was another new student too. He was really cute. It looked like Zayn and him knew each other" Louis said.

   "We do" a voice said, causing me to jump. I looked behind us and saw a blond boy with ocean blue eyes leaning over the desk. I saw Louis' cheeks turn a light shade of pink. I smiled.

   "Hi I'm Niall" the boy said in a thick Irish accent. He held out his hand and I shook it.

  "I'm Liam and the is my best friend Louis" I introduced.

   "Zayn is my best friend" Niall said. Just then I hear something that makes me want to cry.

    "Hey fag, stop trying to make friends. No one wants to be friends with someone that can't even walk. You are nothing but a gay useless loser. Your a sorry excuse for a person, if we can even call you a person at all" Someone shouted. I felt the tears fill my eyes.

    "Why would you say something like that" Niall shouted.

    "Because he is a gay faggot" Someone else shouted. Great. Now Niall knows I'm gay and he will Zayn and he will never want to be my friend.

     "I'm gay. Are you going to start harassing me?" Niall said, getting in the dude's face.

   "Maybe I will. What are you going to do about it" The boy asked.

    "Well, I could either kick your ass myself or I could get my friend to kick your ass for me" Niall said, a smirk playing at his lips. "I could even get Zayn's brother."

    "Who's his brother" The boy asked.

    "I am" a voice said from behind the boy. I looked up and saw a boy with emerald green and curly brown hair.

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