Lost In This World

Loona, is lost. She has no clue what she is doing in life, or what her purpose is. So she reads. She reads about love and its mysteries. As she reads more, she feels the need for so called 'Love' so she meets a boy. That boy was named James McDonald. He was the school player. Loona never new he was like that, because she would read and not pay attention to other people. James, being the school player, used Loona, then dumped her. Looma was hurt and never wanted to love again. She took her books and burnt them all, except one. The next year, senior year, she was differnt. She had died her hair bleach blond, and was now very sluty and popular. She changed her name to Ivy, and never stayed with a boy longer then 1 week. But what happens when a boy comes and brings back old memories, of true love.


1. A/N (I Know, The First Chapter Is A/N Sorry)

Hey so I havnt really made any books that arnt some kind of FanFiction, so please, dont hate, ill try my best :)

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