A New Beginning [l.h.]

I'm Ariana Hope Manshire.
I'm seventeen years old.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, hehe (:
But I kind of got into a small problem.
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


16. 1.6


I didn't want to reply. I was sad.

I couldn't make him sad.

But I had to be truthful.

"No, Luke. I'm not. I can't. I want to...But I can't. It's my dad."
I explained the choice thing.

He sighed.

"Luke," I tapped him.

"Yeah?" He looked off.

"I'm really sorry..." I looked down.

"At least you told me before I got all of my hope up. I'm tired. Good night." He walked towards the doors.

"I love you, Luke," I said slowly.

He stopped.

Then he kept walking.

I began to cry.

Not only do I not want to leave him, but my friends also. Everything I have is here. The majority.

My dad's the only thing that isn't. I shouldn't have to give up most of my life and happiness for him.

I fell asleep while crying. I heard lots  of crying makes you tired.

I kind of figured that out after I would cry, I'd wake up four hours later dazed and confused.


"Sweetie?" I heard Ms. Hemmings's sweet voice say.

"Yes?" I woke up.

"Calum's at the door outside. Luke left for school."
"Thank you," I said and changed quickly, throwing my hair into a ponytail.

"Calum!" I hugged him.

"Hey!" He hugged back.

"Are you going to school today?" I asked quietly.

"Nah. Neither are Ashley, Ashton, and Michael," he pointed at his car.

The three of them were crammed in the back.

"I could fit two more. Where's Luke?" He asked.

"I...Uhh...He left. For school. He didn't take it well," I looked down.

"We'll fix that problem later! Let's go have fun!" He shouted and dragged me to the car.

I got in the passenger seat and laughed a little at everyone singing along to the blaring music.


I didn't take the news to well.

I'm tired of hurting her when I cry.

That's why I walked out. If I said 'I love you too' I would cry, and she would also.

I just can't face her.

No, I didn't go to school. I went to the playground we were at the other day.

I sat on a swing and looked at the ground.

My feet were too long to hover above the ground.

I laughed, thinking of the fact that Ari's feet wouldn't be able to touch the ground.

"I'm not okay!" I yelled at nothing. "I'm not okay..." I then whispered.

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