A New Beginning [l.h.]

I'm Ariana Hope Manshire.
I'm seventeen years old.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, hehe (:
But I kind of got into a small problem.
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


1. 0.1

When I was little, I never understood much. Like the meaning of school, friends, romance. It was until I was 17 that I understood it all. 

"Joy, my first day back to this hell hole called school," I said before stepping on the bus. "Hey Ari! How are you?!" Said the bus lady, Nancy. Never been fond of that name.

"Good", is what I said knowing it wasn't good. My mom died back in May, but we got out a little before she did, so no one knows. Well no one at my school.

I smiled and searched for an empty seat. "Hello?" I said to a blonde boy I've never seen. He had earbuds in, not hearing me.

"Hello??" I tapped his shoulder.

"Hey..." Is what I wanted to say but I said, "Uh, hi.." when he looked at me.

"Hey," he smiled trying not to laugh at my awkward self.

"Can I sit here?"

"Sure...I'm Luke by the way. Luke Hemmings."

"Arianna Manshire, call me Ari if you would."

"Okay, Ari."

He had a lip ring. I thought it was interesting, like the weird person I am. 

Everyone stood up before the bus barely stopped.

It braked hard as I jerked back into someone.

"Watch it..." I saw another boy, I've never seen either.

He sounded rude, but when I looked at him he kind of stiffened smiling a little.

I looked back at the front and walked to the bus door and hopped off the stairs of it.

I immediately saw my best friend, Calum Hood, and ran towards him into his arms.

He is the only one who knows about my mom at my school.

He hugged back tightly. I hadn't seen him too much over the summer because of, well, my mom.

"Oh my God I love you!!" He put his hand on the back of my head.

"Thanks Calum," I giggled being smothered by him. We both pulled away laughing.

That strange boy walked boy, sort of hitting my shoulder. "Ari did he-"

"Calum, it's fine!" I put my hand on his chest to stop him.

Luke Hemmings walked by also glancing at me for a second.

Calum and I walked inside together.

"Ari! My locker is on the other side of the school!!"

"NO! Calum......."

"Sorry," he frowned, "I'll talk to the school registrar about it, I promise! Bye!"

He gave me a small hug and darted away. I stood there awkwardly. Every year I felt new.

I had locker 203, the very last of that section.

I stood there wondering who was 201, next to me. Of all people, it was that boy. He had colorful hair.

"Hi..." I said.

He barely looked at me, then started opening his.

"Can you help me?"

"Oh...sure," he said nervously. He reached over to the locker combination where my hand was.

 Carelessly looking his hand slipped on top of mine. We both looked at each other. I smiled shyly.

He got scared and took it off, "Sorry..I...sorry."

"It's okay," I giggled. He half smiled and awkwardly unlocked it. 

"You have to jiggle it a few times after you enter it..." He smiled a little and started to walk away.

He stopped.

Without looking back he said, "I'm Michael. You should smile often, you have a great one. See you later. Bye." 

I started to blush.

I wondered if he liked me, but then I thought, "How could a boy like that, like some awkward creature like me?"


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