High School Love.

Ok so this is about how Serena finds out that she likes Joshua, and Serena's best friend Maddy and Brad keeps bugging her to ask him out. Then it gets crazy.. Will Serena date Joshua or Brad...?


2. Joshua

I show up at Maddy's and see that Josh,Brad,Maddy's boyfriend Jack,and Maddy. I start blushing and say "Hey Maddy can I have a word with you? "Sure but don't take to long we are going to play spin the bottle." "Oh and i'm guessing I have to play? "Yes you do Serena:)" "Oh whatever but WHY IS JOSH HERE?!" "Because I love you haha,actually because Brad wanted him in our group so now he is." "DAMNIT MADDY i'm so embarrassed,can you do my hair,makeup,and let me borrow cute clothes?" "Sure thing",Maddy had said smirking. -about 20 minutes later I come downstairs looking totally hot, Josh looked up and he started blushing you could totally tell!- "Ok time for spin the bottle!" "Ok Serena you go first!" "Oh uh ok...." -I spun the bottle and it landed on Brad thank god!, but Brad got into it.. I sorta did but I like Josh I won't lie.-  "Ok Brad you go!" -Guess what it landed on Maddy I was laughing cause Jack looked jealous!-  "Hahaha Maddy ur turn." -Landed on her boyfriend i was shocked- "Mmmm bby that was new!" -I don't even wanna know what happened!!- -GOD DAMN it landed on me so I kissed ew Jack!! ";) Serena ur turn again ;D" -IT LANDED ON JOSH!! this kiss was so perfect to I think Josh likes me.."

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