Fairy Tales

The little kingdom of Fallen, Georgia, Becka, and Desiree all knew the legends about the mythical lore based there. But on each of their 13th birthday learn they a part of that mythical lore. What will happen to these girls? You just gotta find out? *Cover by Dystopia*


1. 13th Birthday-Georgia

As I wake up I look over at the calendar on my dresser.... It's my birthday and coronation to officially be the heir to the throne! I get dressed into my black dress that goes to my knees with gold decorations at the bottom and put on a pair of black high heeled boots that go up to my ankles. "Georgia Biar Swan?" I hear a voice say outside my door, I stay silent... Who knows she might kidnap me. "I am your new maid... Hayden Eloise Denmark." She say's louder this time, "Come in, then." I say trying to hold in the excitement of my coronation and birthday. As she opens the door I notice tears streaking down her face, "What is it?" I say trying to sound kind and sincere, "Your... Parents have died." she says, I stand still my excitement has gone away... "Their dead?" I ask not corresponding what she said, "Yes. But we need to get you ready for your coronation, your not becoming heir your becoming queen. Now lets you get dressed in your gowns."

"You look beautiful, Georgia. good luck!" Hayden tells me, "Thank you..." I say as I hug her. When I reach the doors to the ballroom  I stare at the bottom of my white dress, "You can do this." I say to myself as I open the doors of ballroom, I hear murmurs from all around the room. As I reach the top of the steps, I walk to the center of the balcony. "This day I present you your new queen, Georgia Biar Swan!" A man behind me tells everyone in the room, I feel him place the crown upon my head when all of a sudden a someone opens the doors.... It's the next girl to be crowned, Becka.

Becka, to be queen of Hysteria. I can't believe she's dressed like that, she usually looks like a *Cough* man, and those earrings... She looks different, she looks like a real queen!

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