Fairy Tales

The little kingdom of Fallen, Georgia, Becka, and Desiree all knew the legends about the mythical lore based there. But on each of their 13th birthday learn they a part of that mythical lore. What will happen to these girls? You just gotta find out? *Cover by Dystopia*


2. 13th Birthday-Becka

 "Becka. Becka, wake up." I groan and flip to my stomach and pull the blankets over my head. "Becka, don't be this way." "Just ten more minutes." I groaned out. Then I feel a rush of cold air, because the blanket was pulled back. I shot up and looked at my "butler". He's more of a friend. His name is Jean. "What the heck, Jean?!" His eyes narrowed. "Do you know what day it is?" "Pft...of course." I say as I glance over at the little calendar I have. "It's coronation day. And my birthday." He chuckles and rolls his eyes. "Get up." "Well..." "Your sister told me to tell you that you can't wear your ear piercings or your regular kind of style." "*gasp* No!" "It's your sister's orders." I throw my head back and groan. "Fiiiinnnne~" I get up and ushered Jean out of my room so I could get dressed. I get into a black strapless dress that goes to my knees with a grey lace pattern on it, black lace fingerless gloves, a black raven necklace, black rose earrings, a black bandana to tie around my head, a silver spiked bracelet, a black AS29 forest diamond ring, and black Modcloth vintage heels. I walk out, and try to find Jean, and/or my sister, Romaine. "*gasp* Becka, you can't wear that to your coronation!" "And why not?" I ask, putting a hand on my hip. She rolls her eyes and gets up from her chair and walks to her wardrobe. She hands me a white strapless dress with a layer of lace over the top and hands me a thick strip of blue tule. "Put this on." I shrugged my shoulders and went to go put it on. I came back and my sister gasped. "You look beautiful." I gave her a half smile and say "Thanks." She gives me a necklace that has a pendant of our family crest. A moon and a wolf. And she gives me a pair of heels that matched the color of the belt.

 I catch up with Jean and say "I'm here!" My sister put my hair in a fishtail braid. Jean opens the doors for me as I saw the girl who was crowned before me, Georgia. She had her Royal house's crown on, as it was my turn to be crowned. I walk up the aisle and meet the man at the end. "Rebecca Crystal Archer, you are now hereby the queen of Hysteria!" He says as he places the crown on my head. I try to curtsy and walk back down the aisle.

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