One Direction Imagines

I'll do any kind of imagines. :) Just leave a comment, and tell me the theme. Aka, clean, romantic, sad, etc. and your name, and I'll try my best! (Dirty Imagines are against the rules.. ��)


4. Perferences #2

He walks in on you changing:

Um.. Hey there.


"Guys!" I screech as Niall and Harry continue to squirt water at me with water guns. My whole shirt was wet, and they laughed hard. "You are idiots," I mumble as they laugh harder, and I cover my chest. "Zayn should be home soon, watch the door." I tell them as they nod, guarding the door. Me and Zayn have been dating for 2 months and we haven't done anything "extreme". I pull my shirt over my head and let it lightly fall to the floor. As I dig through my drawers looking for a shirt, I hear the door open. I quickly turned to see a shocked Zayn, his jaw hanging low. "HARRY! NIALL!" I scream as they laugh. "This is payback!" Niall shouts back as Zayn's face turns extremely red. He walks out and I don't think he was the only one red.


"Ugh!" I frown as I look at the mess I've made. I spilled pop all over myself. I sigh and get up, hopefully Liam is somewhere sleeping. I go to our room, seeing he wasn't there. Perfect. I quickly throw off my pants and shirt, leaving me in my bra and panties. As I reach for our closet, I hear a voice. "Hey [Y/N] I- woah.." Liam's eyes locked on mine, then his went lower. I giggled. "Li! Get out!" He stared at me moments later before closing the door. Let's say later that night, he got a taste of something more.


I hear Harry quietly snore. I chuckle lightly and hop out of the bed. I go to the bathroom, turn the light on and see I look a mess. I go back out to grab some clothes and a towel. I turn the water on and quickly undress. I step into the steamy water and rinse myself. After I turn the water off, I decide to just change in the bathroom. I put my panties on after drying myself off. "Good morning [Y/N]-" I heard Harry's raspy voice say. I gulped and cover my chest. "Sorry! I didn't know." Harry yelled, repeating "I didn't know, [Y/N]!" I giggle. "Harry, it's ok." I yell back to him. After I changed, I crawled in the bed with him. "My morning has been fantastic." Harry wiggles his eyebrows as I lightly swatted him, laughing hard.


Louis planned for us to go to the beach today. I was excited, but I forgot my bathing suit. Lou politely offered for me to use her spear one. I go to her room in the hotel and sighed, seeing the bathing suit was quite revealing. I shook my head, tossing my clothes off my body. "Hey Lou, should I get my hair-" My eyes widened. That was Louis' voice. I tuned to see his face completely red. "You're not Lou, [Y/N]." "Oh really, captain obvious. Get out!" I pointed at him and he laughs, staring at me while closing the door. He got a little more action then what I intended.


I sigh, waiting for Harry so he can show my where the dressing room is. I finally spotted him and he lead me to the room. As I made sure he shut the door, I dropped the towel I was in. I quickly put on my bra and panties, and pulled the shirt over my head. I told Harry to watch the door, but I was still nervous. As I bent over to pick up my pants, I heard the door fly open. "Harry! I told you to watch-" I turned to see Niall as red as a tomato. My cheeks heated as well. "I'm sorry princess!" He said, closing the door. Later that night at the concert, he wouldn't stop staring at me. I don't blame him.

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