Niall and I

Caissie Kid meets Niall Horan and they fall madly in love with each other


2. The first day of school

Caissies p.o.v

" I missed the bus again! "

I missed the bus because I got up late, I got dressed late and ate late all because of Bella.

Bella came in in the middle of the night and turned the alarm clock off so I would miss my first day of school. I put on a bright pink summer dress with white tights and a pink jacket. I put on my white high heels and put my hair into ringlet curls. Zoey would not let me eat anything as she came into the kitchen and started screaming! By the time I got to the bus it was leaving so I stood outside looking like a dummy for 5 minutes. Finally Bella came out and gave me a ride to school. I go to hilcrest college . I was so excited to go to this school because I knew that one direction went to this school.

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