Niall and I

Caissie Kid meets Niall Horan and they fall madly in love with each other


1. introducing characters

Caissie Kid is a 21 year old country girl that has always liked one direction and always dreamed of meeting Niall Horan.

Caissie lives at 998 Sydney st. She has a little sister and an older sister. Her little sister is 7 years old and her older sister is 30. She dosent have a mom or dad and she lives with her older sister. Her older sister is Bella and her younger sister is Zoey. Her mom passed away when she was born and her dad passed away when she was 7. Bella was her sisters daughter but instead of calling her her niece she calls her her sister.

Bella thinks she is the boss of the house with she sorta is but not really.

Niall Horan 22

Zayn milak 21

Louis Tomlinson 22

Liam Payne 20

Harry styles 23

These are all the members of one direction

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