all my heart ( Luke Hemmings love//hate story)

she hates him he hates her she from Ireland he's not their both in bands she has known them all her life but luke and her don't get along great why? no one knows except for the boys she takes them on tour with her for a whole year after they finished their tour with one direction they boys belive this is a great way forluke to get his girl . but how . but how can he do that if he treats her like trash. she has deep feelings for him but can she hide them to show she hates him or will it be ruined along with lukes chances of ever getting her


3. what happened?

                                                    Lucy's P.O.V.

                               I was beating Calum's sorry ass in a video game. once I beat him he threw his controller on the ground. " you cheated" he muttered when Hanna and Luke walked in. " no mate its called skill" I said and grabbed my phone. Hanna flopped on her bed as Luke huffed into his room. Hanna screamed into her pillow as Calum went into his. " what happened?" I asked her as she sighed. " Ashton took me out to lunch as a friendly thing and Luke just happened to show up with some random girl  and bad mouthed you and I flipped out  and I accidently  said his secret out loud which caused  him to get really mad. " she said " but that's not worse when Luke yelled at me Ashton stuck up for me and now were not aloud to hang out anymore" she cryed. " and what if you do?" I asked. " He'll send me home" she replied which pist me off. " ok hey now this is my tour your staying cuz your my best friend"  I said and went and banged on the boys door. " damn you sound like the fucking police" Luke said as I glared. "aww what happened to the punk rock star" he  said pintching my cheek as I gripped his hand vey tight. " well just remember Hemmings your on my tour" I said walking away.


                                                    ~ later that day ~

                                                           Lucy's P.O.V.

                                     we just finished are concert and me and Luke let Calum take his shower first. " Lucy" Luke said. I turned around to look at him. "I gusse Hanna told you about today cuz I seen her with Ashton again." he said as I nodded. " yeah and you cant kick her of of this tour its my  tour  and I get to say who gose" I said as he nodded. " I was just so angrey she shouted my secret and the girl I had with me slapped me but I gusse I deserved it for trying to get over someone I like" he said laying on my bed. " well you should tell her" I said with a smile on my face but inside my heart shattered. " I cant she hates me for what I did to her"  he said and sighed. " she probley forgave you by now luke just call her up and tell her" I said handing him his phone. he dialed in the number and then my phone rang.

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