all my heart ( Luke Hemmings love//hate story)

she hates him he hates her she from Ireland he's not their both in bands she has known them all her life but luke and her don't get along great why? no one knows except for the boys she takes them on tour with her for a whole year after they finished their tour with one direction they boys belive this is a great way forluke to get his girl . but how . but how can he do that if he treats her like trash. she has deep feelings for him but can she hide them to show she hates him or will it be ruined along with lukes chances of ever getting her


2. things happen for a reason

                                       Lucy's Pov

                          It's been a week and we are officially leaving for tour though I'm not to excited. "LUCY!"  my band mates shouted as I was brought in to a massive hug with them jumping up and down like little school girls. " how did Jayce  sleep last night jack" I asked my lead guitar player. " great thx for helping me get him to sleep" he said as I smiled. " anything for Jayce" I said. then I turned to my group. " ok guys this Is Jake hes my lead guitar player. This is Max hes the drummer . This is Alex he plays the bass. and this is Leo he plays guitar and im the frount women and we make the band the fallen angles." I said as Hanna laughed. I rolled my eyes and grabed my bags that luke grabed along with calum. "thx guys but I had it" I said as they nodded their heads. " we know" they said and walked forward. "ok then " I said following.


                                 ~later that day~

                                               Hanna's P.O.V.

                We were doing bus arrangements and we learned me and lucy are shareing a bus with our brothers. and right now I am sharing a hotel room with her and our two brother who are next door but only come over to take a shower. we just walked into our room to see luke come out in only a towel. Lucy put her hands infrount of her face and walked to her bed tripping when luke caught her . " this is ackward" she shouted and stood up fast and ran to her bed shielding her eyes to luke walked out. I had a great time after that watching her freak out that she saw him with no shirt on

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