I think I'm loved

3 years after Kam and Kira return from science camp, a lot is happening.
1)They are now 14. Almost in high school.
2) Kam is dating a mystery boy whom we all "don't know who he is"
3)Luke is going to college
4) Luke and Kira are dating.


2. chapter one

Kira's point of view

9/20/2014; Luke and I are sitting down, laughing. My head is on his shoulder. He kisses my cheek and I blush slightly.

The camera wobbles and I laugh. We're vlogging.

We kiss and suddenly I pull away.

"Stop, Luke, stop. We need to, uarhghggh stop! I need this for my college application."

Luke looks at me. "You are in 8th grade. You have. 4. years."

"I know... but I need to practice using iMovie."

He kisses my face. "Turn off the camera and let's.." And the camera fades to darkness.


I'm 14 now, 3 years from when I first went to Science Camp. When I was 13 he asked me out and now we're an official couple. He's now 17, and we're dating secretly. Only Kam knows.

My parents died in a car crash a week after science camp and I lived with Kam's family and they took me in.

And even though I feel as if I can tell Mr. and Mrs. Krawford anything, I just can't tell them I love their son.

So we love each other, but we're worried that we'll split apart when Luke goes to college next year.

"Luke, you can go to UCLA if you want! Don't go to Stanford because it's close to home." I beg him.

"Too bad. I love you too much to leave you for a year."

"You can visit a couple times a year! Besides, you're smart enough for both."

"How about you just send applications to both and see which one accepts you first." Kam suggests. She's used to our kissing and hugging and mushiness. She's going out with this mystery boy. She won't tell me who it is, she says, quote unquote, "You don't know him."

"Eh." Luke shrugs. 

I kiss him. "Just do what I tell you to," I whisper. "Please."





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