My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


2. Chapter 2. One Direction and Eleanor

Keely's P.O.V.


We all awkwardly stood up. Eleanor walked up to us smiled then looked at me dead in the eyes. We don't have a very good history. Basically I dated her brother and then left for college and broke his heart. I felt bad but we couldn't have done long distance.

"Long time no see, Keely," Eleanor glared.

"Hello Eleanor. How's Brad," I asked harshly. She walked closer about to make a move but was stopped by Lou.

"El baby, don't do anything you'll regret. My stomach tightened. El baby???

"What are you talking about Louis," I seethed.

"Oh well they have been dating since the X Factor two years ago," Niall explained breaking the silence. I nodded and smiled.

"That's great. I'm gonna go inside with everybody else," I turned around running towards the house. I slammed the door behind me and everyone looked at me confused.

"Louis is dating Eleanor," I explained to my confused friends.

"Yeah, I might of forgot that part," Sydney whispered to me.

"Forgot!!!" I shouted probably alarming the whole neighborhood,"How could you forget to tell me one of my best friends is dating the girl who hates my guts."

"I'm s-s-sorry," Sydney stuttered.

I sighed,"sorry for yelling at you. It's just Eleanor hurt me both mentally and physically and Louis doesn't even frikkin care."

The band came in along with a smirking Eleanor.

"We heard shouting. Is everything ok?" Liam asked his face full of concern.

"It's just peachy keen," I replied sarcastically. Some of the others laughed, well everyone did besides Louis, Eleanor, and Liam.

"Louis can I talk to you alone please," I muttered.

"Uh oh he must be in trouble. You never call him Louis," Eleanor laughed.

"Well I just did," I repeated, mocking her. That wiped the smirk of her face. I smiled and dragged Lou away.

"How could you date her," I asked.

"She has changed and I truly love her," Louis' eyes sparkled. I sighed.

"Fine I approve, but if she says anything disrespectful or harmful to anyone it'll be on, understand me." Lou nods. We walk back to the den to find the girls talking and the boys playing FIFA in the TV. I walked to the guys and grabbed a controller. The boys looked confused besides Jacob.

"You know the girls are over there right," Harry confirmed by pointing towards the table where they were giggling. I nodded and joined the game.

Niall sighed,"I guess we'll have to go easy on her." I looked shocked and scoffed. Instantly scoring a goal for my team. They were shocked. I chuckled and scored another point. That day wasn't too bad after all.

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