My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


1. Chapter 1. Catching Up

Keely's P.O.V.

I was super excited because I was finally meeting up with my old friends Cheyenne, Travis, Jacob, Megan, Erin, Claire, Sydney, Briana, and the Louis Tomlinson. My other friend Earthis and boyfriend were going to come but I caught then kissing so needless to say they aren't coming and he is my ex boyfriend.

Anyway, we all split up. There's Erin, Travis, and Claire who went to Australia for college. Cheyenne, Jacob, Earthis, and I went to America for college. And Briana, Megan, Sydney, and Louis stayed in London where we're from.

"Are you ready yet KeeKee? The attendant called our flight," Cheyenne asked me.

"Yerp," I said in my thick British accent. We grabbed our bags and found our seat. While Jacob slept the whole way, Cheyenne and I were too excited to see everyone, so we just listened to music including ATL, FOB, Panic! At the Disco, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, 5SOS, and of course One Direction.

Once we landed we looked for our friends. After searching hard, we found Megan and Sydney holding a sign that read 'Our Indian, Kiwininja, and BiBoy'. We ran toward them and into a massive group hug laughing.

"I'm not gay or bi. I'm totally straight," Jacob yelled. We just laughed.

"Where's Bri," Cheyenne questioned.

"She's getting Erin, Claire, and Travis with the sign 'Our Nerd, ClaireBear, and Shorty'. We will meet them at the limo," Sydney explained. Of course Lou would have us picked up in a limo. When we got there the four were already there.

"KIWININJA," Travis screamed deafening me.

"TRAVIS," I yelled louder. We both hugged laughing our heads off. I hugged everyone else and we piled into the limo. The order went Erin, me, Travis, and Claire. In the next row was Megan, Cheyenne, Sydney, then Jacob.

"Where's Earthis," Erin questioned.

"It's a long story. Well long story short, I was dating this amazing guy for about 10 months. One day I walk in and they were making out. So I broke up with Jay and told Earthis not to show her face in front of me again and a bunch of other things I shouldn't repeat," I answered her. Everyone gasped besides Jacob and Cheyenne who had to deal with the heartbroken me for a month.

Once we got there Bri told us," Oh yeah Louis has his band over so this is just a warning. Travis, Cheyenne, Claire, and I fangirled. Travis, Claire and I ran ahead and screamed 'LouBear' and then jumped on him laughing.

"ClaireBear, Shorty, Kiwininja. How have you guys been," Lou chuckled. We all nodded and shrugged. We burst out laughing all of us were in tears. The only reason we stopped was because of a bunch of awkward coughs.

That's when we looked over and saw One Direction and of course Eleanor.

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