Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


5. Unrelenting Force

A woman in steel armour arrives in The Drunken Huntsman, pinning a new flyer to the wall after all the wanted posters of bandits were taken down. She leaves with a pile to post around. Curious, I walked up to read.

Dragon Slayers Wanted

Come by the Whiterun Stables after dark for more details

Join The Hunt

Roderick never lets me out that late on my own. He says, the night is more dangerous. If I can take on bandits and a dragon, I'm sure I can handle it on my own. I'm not eight years old anymore.

By the time Roderick hit the sack. I snuck out from my room, pulling the hood over my head, and left. As guards walked around as usual, I hurried to the gates.

Once I made it to the stables, the woman in steel armour held up torch awaiting the new recruits. A group of men gathered. I stood up behind the men. The woman looks down at us and asks, "Is this all the people we have tonight?"

They looked at each other. The man in steel armour who stood by her stepped up, "I am Fanar and she's Rona, and here are the details. Dragons like to roam around mountains; it's where they hide out away from civilisation. They'll fly down and destroy any house, any town, and any major city they can see. They'll set fire to anything. It's not just fire they breathe, others, breathe frost. So be prepared. I need everyone to write their names so we can keep track of you."

Everyone lines up behind the first man to write his name on paper with a feathered pen and inkwell on the table. When it came down to me, I dipped the pen in the inkwell and added my name last on the paper; Connie Ashford.

Fanar announces, "I really hope seeing all of you tomorrow, that's the night we leave to hunt." All the men raised their fists, "Yeah!"

As soon as I got home, changing my clothes for bed, I looked to all the weapons I displayed, some on my wall, some in a display case. I thought about what weapons I should bring.

When slaying my first dragon, it was with a bow and arrow and only one steel sword when I carried two. Maybe one sword will do, I don't really need two to slay a dragon. It doesn't seem to be that hard to kill one actually.

After pulling the blanket over to sleep, I thought, what about that magic swirling around me when that dragon burned away as a skeleton? Is it natural for that to happen after you kill one? Something tells me it isn't. It bums me to think. I swear I've heard about this before, but can't remember where.

The next day, I took my bow and quiver of arrows with me on the next hunt for more practice. I walk around a cave where a big bear decides to stand up and slash at me. An arrow hits into its chest right before it does. Bear pelt and claws to sell back at Whiterun. 

I continue up into the cave, and come across dead things in armour walking around. They're called Draugr, and from what I've heard, they're the undead Ancient Nordic warriors of Skyrim. Roderick warned me about them.

The Draugr Overlord saw me coming. He came up with his two-handed Nordic sword. I ducked as he swung. I ran through the cave as he chased after me. He called out in an odd tongue, "Fus... Ro Dah!"

A force pushed me over so powerful, even the ground shook. I hit face first into the ground. I looked back at the Draugr as he came over with his sword. I picked myself up and pulled out an arrow and released it as quick as I can. It didn't appear to affect him.

I put away the bow, taking out a sword this time. Clashing swords, I backed up through the stone tunnel where skeletons and Draugr were laying in the tomb.

I cut at the Overlord's leg. He dropped down on one knee. Right as I was to strike down on him, he calls, "Zun Haal Viik!"

My sword disappears away from me. I look around for it, seeing it away in the middle of the tomb. The Draugr Overlord stands with his sword up ready. I run to fetch mine.

As soon as I go to pick it up, the Draugr lying in the tomb begin to stand. I hold my sword tightly, looking through the next tunnel to run to.

Going through every exit, the Draugr chased after me. I come to an end where there's a waterfall. Running down the stairs, the Draugr followed up.

I jumped off the stairway, landing on my feet. The Draugr came at me with swords, and arrows. The Restless Draugr used frost magic at me.

I hid from him; it froze through the other Draugr's body, but didn't seem to put out much effect. Nords have resistance to frost, but too much could kill them.

I cut at Draugr one by one. As the Restless Draugr came to strike me down a sword in one hand, and frost magic freezing my body with the other, I stepped back as the frost weakened my body. I dropped to the ground.

The Draugr raises his sword. I take mine, and then cut off his hand. It went flying with his sword. I stabbed at his chest, standing back on my feet. My body flies and hits the stone wall, hearing the shout from the Draugr Overlord, "Fus...Ro Dah!"

He came over to strike me down. I roll over as the sword stabs right beside me. I hit him. He tumbles back. I used my strength to send him to the ground and stab my sword into his chest. By the time that's done, I stand and look around at the bodies of all the Draugr I killed.

A script of markings begins to glow in a chant. I step up to the stone wall. Magic swirls of blue and white beam around me, and my vision blurs.

The glowing stops. And my vision is clear again. I stepped away, knowing the odd language in my mind. What was that?

Returning to Whiterun, which took a long trip back; I pulled off the sack and took the bear pelt and claws out to sell them at the shop.

Roderick walks over and asks, "What happened to you?"

My body is dirty with blood, "Bear." I lied.

"Maybe you should go home and take care of that." He points to my bleeding elbow, "Oh. I didn't notice." I looked.

Scrubbing the dirt and blood off my skin in the tub full of water, I rinsed the blood off running down my elbow until it stopped.

As it was nightfall, I took the steel armour I owned to wear. I pulled up the hood and left out down to the Whiterun Stables.

Fanar held the list of names and called out each one. Every man raises their hand, "Here!" Until it reached down to me, the man calls "Connie Ashford?"

It went silent. I took a breath and raised my hand, "Here!" He looks over and then marks my name off.

He folds the paper and announces, "Alright. I hope you're all prepared. Let's go hunt some dragons!" The men raise their fists like last time, "Yeah!"

We travelled down the road. I looked back to Whiterun and thought to myself, what will happen to Roderick when he finds out I'm gone the next day?

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