Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


2. There Is No Dragonborn

As I awoken, hanging in a cage, a slim, tall old woman with long thin black hair, pointy nose, and claws with dark feathers dangling from her arms, scanned through a book. Her altar, filled with bloodied bones, and what looked like a Spriggan already sacrificed.

Spriggans are tree-like creatures that usually hang around forests, and other places of nature. They always carry Taproots, which is what also is placed on the altar. And as for that old creepy woman, is what we call a Hagraven.

Hagravens were once ordinary witches who became half creature, like maybe a crow. I never knew the reason why.

The Hagraven approached me, grinning. I sat back, heart pounding in fear asking why I'm here. With a raise of one claw, she said, "All in good time."

She's going to eat me, or sacrifice me, whatever it is; it's going to be horrible!

I wrapped my arms around my knees for comfort in hope my brother finds me before that happens. At the sound of sword slashing, and the wooden door breaking open, the Hagraven goes to attack with frost spell, causing ice spikes into the man in iron armour, carrying an iron sword.

The spikes stabbed into his arms and legs. He still carried on. He struck the sword into the Hagraven, and pulled it back, and then she dropped to the floor.

Skylar hurried to the dangling cage, "Connie!"

I crawled up to the bars, with a smile across my face, "You came! I knew you would!"

"Let me get you out of here."

As the man in the iron armour sat, he pulled the ice spikes out with great strength. I've never seen anyone so brave, fight for real. Skylar took the key from the Hagraven's body and unlocked the cage, and help me out.  

I walked up to the man as Skylar stood by, "Does it hurt?" I asked curiously.  

"Sure does." He replied, taking the the last one out from his leg.

"You've had worse, right?"

He looked up at me. As I looked down at my ragdoll Skylar found when I went missing, I passed it over to the man.

He held it, feeling a glimpse of warmth in his heart, "Thank you." He said, and then his eyes started to tear up, "I once had a daughter. She used to have a doll like this..."

The man was just as broken as we were. Skylar found him travelling on a horse up the road, holding my ragdoll, panicking. He offered to help. It took quite some begging.

After we left the cave, the man mounted up on the horse, "Thank you for the help." Skylar said.

He held onto the reins, "You know, you kids shouldn't even be out here. There are bandits, wolves, even ugly old hags."

I stepped up, "Maybe you can take us with you."

He shook his head, and then looked down at me and sighed, "Ok. Climb aboard." I smiled and jumped happily. Skylar helps me up onto the horse and pulls himself up.

The horse trotted 20 miles down the road, "You never told us your name." I pointed out. He smiles, "You never told me yours either."

"I'm Connie."

"What about you?" He looks to my brother, "Skylar."

He looks back at the road and replies, "I'm Roderick." At that moment, he pulls the reins, and looks up.

Something is flying in the distance, "Hold on tight!" He calls to us, and then sends the horse galloping. The large flying creature roared, swooping down behind us.

Turning my head, the scaly beast breathed fire. It rolled out toward the horse where its tail began to singe by the flames.

He rode up into the forest. The dragon hits into a tree and drops. When we reached the end, he pulls the reins again, and takes a breath, "We got lucky that time."

"Was that a dragon?" I asked. He nods, "Afraid so. Let's hope we don't run into that again."

The horse continues to trot down the road. We reached Rorikstead in the Frostfruit Inn. Roderick rented a room for ten gold. Skylar and I shared the bed while he preferably slept on the floor.

As the next day came, we were on the road again, "Where are we going exactly?" Skylar asked, "Whiterun." Roderick replied.

"That's quite a long trip."

"We almost fried back there, it's best to let the Jarl know dragons need to be put under control."

"Maybe the dragonborn can help us." I suggested.

"There is no dragonborn. No real one's been found for years." He said, "Sorry to disappoint you there sweetheart."

My heart sank, but I didn't lose hope. The dragonborn's got to be out there somewhere; they just don't know it yet.

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