Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


8. The Dragonborn Is Me

Climbing a mountain to reach the very top, wishing for a pair of wings, the men grown exhausted for a rest, drinking water.

I look up at mountain above, wondering what's like up there. Colin stands by, "What if we never get out alive?"

"We will, we just have to try. Have faith."

We continued on up the mountain, the breeze getting colder, the wind getting stronger, we made it up the steps toward the very top of the mountain.

The dragon flew off from the stone wall and orbits around above us. We drew our weapons ready. The archers aimed high, releasing each arrow into the sky to take it down.

The dragon flaps in front of us and breathed fire.

We took up our shields. The flames melted through from degrees of impact heat.

As soon as the dragon flew again, I looked to the stone wall, and ran to it.

Colin looked over and called, "Miss!"

The dragon turns to see me stand at the stone wall, and flies down.

Hearing the chant again, I turned to the wall, the carvings glowing and the swirls of magic absorbed into my body.

I turn as the carvings fade, and my vision becomes clear. The dragon and I appear staring face-to-face; it snapped at me, I cut at its face with my sword. It growled and flew up into the air, breathing fire down at the men, and landing back down on the stone wall.

I jumped out as flames poured out above me. The men got to their feet from leaping out of the way. Only a couple were burnt to a crisp.

Colin chases up, "Miss!" The dragon flaps up and swoops down. We ducked down. Colin rolls as my sword drops with a clip on my shoulders. Looking down as the ground pulled back further and further away.

I looked up at the dragon flying with me in its claws. Arrows flew and hit the dragon in the wing. I crashed onto the ground.

Colin hurried to my side, "Miss?" He shook me. I groaned, "I'm ok."

Looking up at the dragon, it breathed fire again.

Colin looks to me, "What are we going to do?"

"Maybe you can try and distract it?" I suggested.

"And what if I get fried?"

"I won't let that happen. See that tower, I'm going to be up there, and you just lead it to the entry."

He ran up and waved his hands, "Hey, over here!"

The dragon swoops down and breathes fire. I hurry to the tower across from me and go up the stairs to the very top.

Colin runs to the tower and hides away in the entry.

I look down at the dragon on its way over, and then drop onto its back.

It roars and flaps up into the air. I grab hold of its horns. The dragon twirls around, trying anything to let me fall, "Colin, the sword!"

He looks to it on the ground and picks it up. The dragon swoops over.  I hold up my hand, "Throw it!"

Not being confident about it, he called, "But what if I-!?"

"Just do it!"

He tosses it into the air. The sword swings into the dragon's back. It growls.

I turn, stood for balance, and jumped to pull out the sword. The dragon growls and flips about. I drop and landed into the stone wall. Hitting my gut against the edge, I pull myself up.

The dragon comes charging toward me ready to breathe fire and at that instant I shouted, "Fus!"

The dragon staggers down crashing into the wall. I jump out and come down with the sword striking down its skull.

Scales flaked off in embers, golden swirls of magic absorbed into my body in a white glow. All that remains is a skeleton left behind. All the men saw it in amazement, the dragonborn is me.

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