Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


1. Orphaned

I've heard many stories of the dragonborn, a brave hero with the soul of a dragon, fighting amongst the scaly beats that dare destroy us.

Father told me these stories every night before bed. Mother didn't like that because I am a lady, and ladies are not to be interested in battle. But I don't care. I loved it.

With only metal plates of spare parts I made into armour, my brother Skylar and I played. He pretends to be the dragon, and I pretend to be the dragonborn.

It was fun until a fire broke out overhead. Father and mother coughed and wheezed at the smoke that covered the entire house in flames. We went to escape out the front door, but the whole roof collapsed on us.

Skylar called my name, "Connie!" The wood on top of me flamed, pinning me underneath.

He pushed it aside and reached for my hand. We looked, trying to find a way out. He led me out to the back but stopped as soon as more fire broke through. We were trapped.

I looked to the basement and pulled up the door, "Skylar!" I waved. He followed up as I went in first, and finally escaped outside.

We looked back at the flaming farm house, holding each other's hand, "Where's mother and father?" I asked. His eyes watered, "They... They're with the Gods now." He balled his fist, "I tried..."

I hugged him as we let go of our tears. I've never heard my own brother cry harder. After standing by the broken home, he snorted and said, "We can't stay here. We'll have to travel the road."

I shook my head, "Mother said it's dangerous for us kids to be out on our own." He tried to smile, "Nothing of what mother said has ever stopped you. You said so yourself that you want a real adventure. This is it Connie."

He put his hand on my shoulder. I sighed, "Ok. But we have nothing to bring with us. All of our stuff in the house is a pile of ash by now."

He walks to the rubble and searched through for anything, "We can try, but if nothing survived, we're just going to have to deal with it."

I helped search through the rubble and found my ragdoll and hugged it. Skylar found crippled books, and nothing else that appeared useful.

He sighed, "Looks like there's nothing we need." He looked over seeing the doll in my arms, "You're lucky she survived huh?" I smiled, "Yeah." He took me by the hand and then we left travelling the road by foot.

Mother use to say, 'Always be cautious. Wolves hunt in packs, and only one howl can send them after you.'

It reminded me when I saw wolves' uphill across the river where we washed the soot off our hands and face.

Skylar sat back to relax, "We have to find a place to stay for the night."

"How about we camp out here, we can hunt mudcrabs for food?"

"Yeah... we could do that."

I dropped sticks I collected nearby a tree we sat under. He rubbed them together. After seeing smoke and fire, he tossed in the rest.

Seeing the fire burn, it hurt so much to think of our home in flames, with our parents gone with it. Skylar took a thick stick and began to scrape the end against a rock to a sharp point.

He walked around the river looking for mudcrabs. When one came out from looking like a rock, he stabs it with the sharp stick. He took it apart to carve out the meat and roast it over the fire. He ripped apart a piece for me to eat.

Mudcrabs of Skyrim can burrow into the ground to make themselves look like a rock as camouflage. They are quite large and greyish in colour. Mudcrabs are easy, doesn't take much effort to kill one.

I leaned closer to the fire, shivered by the frosty night air. Skylar stares into the flames, not saying a word. I watched as he snapped a stick in half. Did he feel guilt unable to save them?

I knew deep down, his very being shattered like a rock thrown through a glass window. A hole lies bare in his heart. I'd tell him, time and time again, it's not his fault. It never was. There's nothing he could've done to save them. But I was only a child. He said, "You weren't there, how could you know?"

I sat still with no more to say as the tears of guilt flooded his eyes. He turned to sleep on his side, back facing me. I curled up beside him, "I'm sorry Skylar..." I muttered.

He remained silent, with tears running down his face. Holding my ragdoll, I closed my eyes, too, feeling at my worst. I missed mother and father as bad he did. I squeezed my doll tighter in arms, letting go. I sobbed only a little, until eventually we both fell asleep.

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