Love is the Best Song Ever!

This is for the 1D contest


It was the day after Harry Edward Styles asked me out and I am on Cloud 9 right now. He just took me to the mall and we both got a brand new wardrobe. Then he made reservations for the fanciest restaurant in the town. At 5:30 we are in the limo and are listening to music. The next song was Best Song Ever and we turned it off and sang it to me with no sound. It was BEAUTIFUL! When he finished, I gave him a kiss and it turned into a make out session. When we finished we fixed ourselves up and ate dinner. I got a burger with no ketchup and extra pickles. Harry also got a burger but his had onions, ketchup and bacon. We both finished our food not realizing how hungry we were. We then left and we were so full that when we got back we cuddled together and soon fell asleep. We both woke up together at the same time and we found ourselves in ANOTHER make out session. When we pulled apart, we were out of breath. It was an awesome day! We cuddled then fell asleep. Then we slept in the night and when woke up we found ourselves cuddling together and I kissed him on the cheek and he blushed in his sleep. He woke up a few minutes later and then we both made pancakes together with bacon and eggs and shared them with the whole band.

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