Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


9. Chapter 9

This is getting intense and there is new characters coming your way, anyways if you are reading this, which I don't think you are, I am making a new character and is going to be in a chapter maybe 14 or 13 I don't know but if you want you can write down in the comments a character, it needs to be a boy only boy!! And maybe ill make a girl also to include in this story but I don't know.

So if you are interested in telling me the characters name, description (For example hair color, eye color, height and stuff) I will appreciate it so submit your dream boy character in, ill only pick one, and maybe ill pick more characters, and if I don't pick yours its not that I don't like it, it's only that I can only pick one.

Submit it know.

Here is the chapter, enjoy....


Chapter 9

Cold, coldness is all I feel right know, I felt weak and tired, but I don't have a runny nose nor a sore throat anymore, I don't feel like throwing up, if I don't have the cold or the flu, then what is it?

I am laying on the carpet in the living room next to the fire place, even though I have the fire and the 1,000 of blankets over me I still feel cold, like freezing cold.

My mom doesn't know what is wrong with me, she hasn't heard or this. I see my mother and father pacing back and forth, I couldn't believe that my father was here he was always working, but as soon as my mom told him about me he came as fast as he could.

I shivered from the coldness, my mom called the wolf doctor not to long ago, I look over where she is pacing back and forth, she is biting her nails furiously and soon she wont have nails I assure you.

*Knock, knock*

I hear the door knock a couple of times, my mom runs towards the door, which I cant see, but I can hear whispering and muttering, in a couple of seconds my mom comes back but not with the doctor but with David, what is he doing up at 5:00 in the morning?

"Tori, you okay?" he says while gently touching my forehead," Im fine, im just cold that's all," I say like its not a big deal.

David leans down and hugs me, making the cold go away slightly, I didn't want him to let go of me, I felt cold and I really needed the warmness he was giving me.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes before him pulling away," Tori you sure your okay?" he asked worried, I just nod my head in response, he observes my face for a minute trying to see if I was lying or not.

He sighed," Well I got to go to school, I hope you get better," he said while giving me a last hug which I didn't want to let go.

"O-oh m-my gosh mom school, I-i need to go and t-tell him that I don't want to be his m-m-mate," my mouth quivers because of the coldness held in me and because of him, but when I say the words reject my mate my heart drops and it feels like its going to stop beating.

"H-honey, are you sure about that, he is your mate, h-how can you say that," she says trying to find the words to convince me not to reject my mate.

"M-mom I already t-told you this a-and w-why I n-need to r-reject me, m-maybe he wants s-someone else better t-hen m-me," I say looking up at her and directly at her eyes.

"But honey-" she says but gets interrupted by the knock of the door, she sighs and goes to open it, I look at David then at my dad before everything goes black.

*Victoria's dream*

I'm laying in the grass, more likely in a meadow of beautiful flowers that are surrounding me, I look up at the sky and see the light blue sky with white fluffy clouds beyond the sky, I gasp at the view.

I stand up and I find myself with a gorgeous white laced dress and no shoes on leaving me with my toes, I start to feel my hair and find all kinds of flowers, daisy's, roses, lily's and more holding up my hair into a perfectly amazing braid.

"Do you like it my love, I made it just for you," a familiar voice says, I turn around and find nothing but just the flowers surrounding me.

"Victoria my love, speechless?" the voice says, I shiver, the voice sounds so close but it is in a whisper that is more likely close to my ears for me enough to hear.

"W-who are you," I stutter, I hear a chuckle close behind me.

"Aww, you don't remember, I thought you would," he says, I could imaging his lips turning into a fake pout," W-what are you talking about?" I question.

"You will find all the answers love, but for know I'll keep my mouth shot for know," he says, I swear I could see a smirk.

Then I hear a snap of a finger and I fall down to the floor everything going black again.


So okay there is the chapter I know it is so short but at least I updated right xD

So remember submit your character (Needs to be a boy) and I will only pick one.

These are the requirements to submit your character: ( Submit it down in the comments).

Hair color.


Color of lips.

Eye color.

Wolf form. ( Example: White spots on the tip of the ear.)

And that is all so submit and yes I will announce your name out if you get picked.

Good luck everyone!! :)

Love you all.




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