Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


4. Chapter 4

I froze I couldn't move, it was the only person that I didn't want to see or talk to, Nathan. Ugh couldn't it be someone else like David, where is he anyways?

The only thing I could think of is what do it do? Do I thank him? Do I just leave and run for my life? Yeah maybe leave and run is the only option here, because why would I say thank you to the one that caused more pain to me then anyone else. 'Come on Victoria just run' said my wolf.

I then turn around and run for my life, the halls are all empty know, I turn around to see if Nathan is running behind me, obviously he is. "Stop," he said in a Alpha tone, yeah one thing I forgot to remember he is the next alpha!! He might punish me or something, but ill take the risk because the more im away from him the better. Just keep on running, running, running I say to myself and so I run as fast as my legs can carry me.

My legs started to get numb and I have been running all around the school for what 5 minutes. I see the double doors me and David came in from so I run directly to them, I reach the double doors and push them open revealing the sunlight and it starts to blind me but I keep on running that's when I hit myself with something hard and I fell backwards hitting my head in the sidewalk. "Oh that must hurt," says a familiar voice, David. He reaches his hand and I take it him pulling me up, but then I fall in his hard chest because of my numb legs. "Sorry," I quietly said looking at the ground my cheeks turning tomato red.

"Its fine and lets go," he says, lifting my chin up and looking at me blush he just smiles. I start to get in the passenger seat when all of a sudden I hear a 'Wait!' I turn around to find Nathan standing there in the steps coming towards me, Ah Cheese. I get in ignoring him and I close my door I start to to tell David to go and off we go, I look out the window to see Nathan with giving me a death glare, I just turn around smiling to myself." Care to explain what in the world is happening," I hear David quietly say to me, and I just tell him the whole thing about what just happened he just nods his head and we stay silent for the whole ride home.


"Hey mom and dad," I say with a smile on my face," hey sweetheart," they both say and they hug me," So how was school," my mom said wiggling her eyebrows I just laugh at her and I roll my eyes playfully," Well it was fine, I made some friends," I said to them casually, they just nod, should I tell them about what happened at school? "And also this guy, he was an enemy, umm he tried to... umm what's the word.... rape me.... but then umm... Nathan.. you know the next alpha... he umm saved me," I say, looking down, tears form in my eyes knowing that the guy wanted to rape me and take my virginity, but I got lucky, sort of.

"Oh honey," says my mom bringing me into a comforting hug, and my dad just pats my back in a comforting way," Honey there is something we have been meaning to tell you," my mom says with a serious look on her face," What is it mom and dad?" I say confused," Honey you-" says my mom but someone interrupts her," Hello Mrs.Rose and Mr. Rose," says David, waving his hands at us," Hello David," my mom and dad say to him giving him a hug in the process.

"So what did you wanted to tell me mom and dad?" I say all of a sudden, curiosity started to spread all over me," Umm we will tell you later," my mom said a little to fast," Umm okay," I say to my mom looking at her, she is hiding something and that I don't know.

"Im going to go eat my fruit," I say to my parents, and I stand up to go to the kitchen, David follows behind," You okay Tori?" David says while sitting on a chair," Yeah im fine, why you ask?" I said while grabbing the container that is in the refrigerator, " Oh its nothing, and also I found out that Nathan is going to become Alpha in his birthday that is in a few days, and they are telling all the girls to come to his birthday party because that's when he finds his mate," David says quietly," And why are you telling me this? Im not even going," I say popping in a pineapple in my mouth," Well you never know if he is your mate," he says with a sad look on his face, I just snort," Yeah right, like if im going to be his mate, maybe some slutty girl will be his mate," I say, why would he be my mate he will reject me I assure you if he is my mate, but there is no possible reason he will be my mate, never ever will he be my mate.

"You never know," David mutters to himself, thinking that I cant hear him," Well im going to sleep and you should to we have school tomorrow," I say to David while I put the container in the sink," Its only 8:30," he whines, I just roll my eyes," Bye David," I say waving at him and shooing him out of the house.

I tell my parents goodnight and I head upstairs to my room, I change into short shorts and a pink tank top that says ' Love Sucks' I just giggle at the tank top and I head over to the bathroom, brushing my teeth furiously, I then go to my bed and I get tucked in. As soon as my head hits the pillow I start to fall asleep thinking of the guy that attacked me and why he did that.

My Life is a big mystery, I say to myself and then I fall asleep.

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