Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


2. Chapter 2


~~"Omg David, stop it before I-" I say but I don't get to finish because David threw a pillow at me. David is my best friend since the day we met at the field, he lives close to me just like a mile away from my house, he is my very first friend, he didn't care about my looks or my weight, he only cared about my personality, he is the most sweetest guy ever, and I love him a lot but sometimes he is annoying, but that makes him better for some reason.

"David, you little-" and again I get interrupted by the pillow, I glare at him,"r-" another pillow came hurdling my way, I look at him and give him a death glare, that's when he starts to turn into this hot wolf, I mean great looking light brown and white wolf, he then starts running.

I turn into my wolf form too and I start running after him all around the house, when all of a sudden I hear,"Not in the house," I hear my mom say, I turn around to see her with an angry expression but then it turns into a smile, I start turning into my human form again,"Sorry mom, just that David over there is throwing pillows at me," I say looking at David already in his human form, I roll my eyes and I turn back to see my mom.

"Well Victoria go take your exercise run," my mom says, I sigh quietly, so technically I go every afternoon to run around the field to get in shape, but I still don't loose a lot of weight only like 10 pounds and I also started eating healthier. I turn around to face the door, I wish the door can open, and then the door opens, wait wait woah, what just happened, then I see my dad pop his head in and I hear," I'm home," I smile and walk towards him, I wrap my arms around him giving him a comforting hug.

"So how was work daddy," I asked him with a little girl voice, his smile got wider," well today I got my pay check, and they gave me a raise," he said happily, but he wasnt happy of the money he was happy about something else, I just shrug it off and kiss my dad in the cheek lightly, I walk towards the door and towards the field with David behind my back.

I stop and I start turning into my wolf form and I start to run with David on my side, we run and run. When David gives up he stops running and turns back into his human form, but not me i just keep on running and running, I dont stop even if my wolf tells me to, i keep on running, my legs getting numb by the time. When i finally stop i collapse, sitting in the cold grass, i start turning into my human form, i breath for air, i see David coming towards me with a black  water bottle filled with water, i take it from his hands and start drinking all the water, a cold sensation hitting my throat.

When there is no more water in the bottle, me and David start heading home. As we walk towards home, i see David trying to speak, but words dont come out of his mouth,"What is it David," i say with a curious face splattered in my face,"Oh umm its nothing," he says quietly that i can barely hear him,"David come on tell me, i wont bite," i say sarcastically with the last words.

"Well umm, people at school started talking about you," he says, with his face down looking at the ground.

"Wait, why would they be talking about me?" i asked, the anger boiling in.

"I dont know, i couldnt hear them, everyone was whispering, then i heard your name spoken, and then well, yeah," he said scratching his neck, he looked uncomfortable talking about this,"Okay," i whispe enough for him to hear.

"David," he looks up at me and looks directly in my eyes," Please dont tell anyone where i live, or where i am, or anything about me, not even to your friends," i say with a serious look on my face, he just nods.

We get home and David gives me a good bye wave, and a good night kiss, i melted right there, even though it wasnt like a first kiss , he was the first boy to ever kiss me except for my dad of course, i wave to him good bye and i dont say another word, i open the door to find no one in the living room, wait my parents are always in the living room waiting for me to come back from my run. I start to look everywhere, i look in the kitchen, empty, i go to the basement and nothing, i go upstairs and search every room for them, and they are is no sign of them, i go towards my bedroom to find a note laying on my bed.

Dear Victoria,

Me and your father went to the market, in the kingdom, so dont worry about us, and if you are hungry, there is some fruit and apple juice in the refrigerator to fill in you appetite, dont worry honey we will be back in 2 hours.                                                                                                       Love,                                                                                                                 Mom and Dad~

I sigh and head downstairs, i go towards the kitchen and i open the refrigerator and get the container where the fruit is and a glass of apple juice. I start eating the fruit and I drink the juice. When im finish eating I go to the basement where the whole fitness center is, my mom, dad and David build this 5 months ago, when David and I met, anyways, i go to the trend mill, I grab my ear phones from the cup holders, and put them on my ears, i start to walk when the music starts, i close my eyes and i walk, well run.

--2 years later--

"oh my gawd honey, you look excellent," my mom says with a huge smile on her face, i smile at her,"Thanks mom,"  i say back to her, I have lost so many weight all these 2 years, i have curves and i have abs forming, i dont have fat in my neck, and my legs are stronger then ever, my face is beautiful, thats what my moms says, anyways my mom wanted me to go back to school and have a great education, i mean only two years of school and i graduate, yeah i have been studying in online school, but it does not help me just a little.

Anyways im a bit nervous, I dont know what people are going to say, and my mom decided for me to wear a  black and white crop top, that shows only to my belly button,  white skinny skinny jeans that fits in perfectly, black high tops, and a leather jacket. My mom said i didnt need make up. because im naturally beautiful, yeah right, anyways i see my reflection in the mirror and my mom was right i do look beautiful, i turn around and hug her, i go downstairs and i go towards the kitchen, i just grab a juicy red apple and i head out the door, i wave at my mom, but sadly my dad was not there he was always at work, i sigh and see David ready leaning in his red ford, i go towards him and hug him, i get in the truck and i feel my stomach flopping around all over the place.

David starts the engine and we drive off.

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